Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Day Elijah!

First I just have to say how adorable Elijah is. I just can't get enough of him! So 5 years ago today we welcomed Elijah into our family. From the that first day Elijah has brought such joy into our lives. Elijah loves to hear the story of the day he was born. So I will share the shortened version with you today.

It was a Saturday, and there was a snow in the forecast. I knew I was in labor that morning but it was really easy and not at all painful. I took my time, taking a shower, doing my hair, eating a good breakfast. I called our friends who offered to take Isaiah that we might be dropping him off. About 9:30 we decided to head to the hospital. We were all checked in by 10:15. Peter and I walked the halls and joked how mild the contractions were. About 11:00 I got back into my bed and my midwife suggested some medication to help make the contractions stronger. That wasn't needed because it happened on it's own. Just before noon we had our new son. We had debated on the name Peter wanted Micah, I wanted Elijah. While Peter was holding him I said "how is he?" and Peter responded "He looks like an Elijah" and so it was settled. It was snowing by that point and it was beautiful.

The name Elijah means "The God is the LORD" and that has been our prayer for Elijah. That he would know the true and living God as his Lord.

Elijah has grown into the most amazing kid. He has the silliest sense of humor. He is the ultimate cuddlier. He is such a faithful friend to his brother. He is truly a joy to have. I am so thankful that the Lord has given him to us.

Happy Birthday Big Boy! We love you!


sarasusen said...

What a beautiful story.... I don't think I've ever actually heard his birth story! That hour from 11am to noon must have been INTENSE!!! :-) And I always get teary-eyed thinking of Peter holding Elijah for the first time. You two have fantastic handsome boys who will bring many blessings into your lives. And so exciting to think they will both be big brothers in September!! Elijah is going to make a GREAT big brother. Very loving and protective. Happy Birthday Elijah!!

It'sSteph said...

I remember the day Elijah was born! You called and I couldn't believe you had a baby! So amazing watching our kids grow from wee ones to big kids!