Friday, January 29, 2010

From the Desk of Isaiah and Elijah

Another week of school under our belts...our 100th day is coming in 2 weeks. I always feel like we've accomplished so much when we get to 100 days. I need to start thinking of something fun to celebrate. Anyway this week in science we have been learning about the Continental drift and plate movements.

Here the kids cut out the 7 continents and then tried to piece them together like a puzzle...not bad!

Graham crackers and peanut butter equals edible science. Here the peanut butter represented magma under the surface of the earth and the graham crackers were the plates the shift. We observed the three ways they can shift and what that does to the magma...the best part of course was eating the results.
In History we are learning about Benjamin Franklin. He used to carry around a little notebook with rules he wanted to live by. He focused on one rule a day and tried to master each rule. So the boys were asked to write 5 rules they think they should live by. Here is what they wrote:
1.Do not play video games too much
2. Pray to God everyday
3. Be nice to others
4. Do not rot your brain
5. Do not fight with your brother he is your friend for life (don't fight with others)
1. Do not play the Wii too much
2. Do not fool around ( think he meant in the house lol)
3. Do not fall off your chair when you are doing school
4.Do not fight with your brother
5.Do not go to sleep mad or guilty

Hannah in her new toy!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

From the desk of Isaiah and Elijah

We continued this week with rocks and minerals. The kids took their turn "mining" for precious materials....otherwise known as chocolate chips. They had to dig out the chocolate chips using a "toothpick"
Of course they got to eat the fruits of their labor.

And what is miss Hannah Bear learning? So many things. First she has learned that if she pulls on certain toys the play songs or vibrate. She loves it. She is also learning how to "sit" upright in her little red chair.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Photo Contest

So I am not putting Hannah in beauty pageants, but I did enter her in a local photo contest...prize gift certificate to a baby store, which we'll use to buy a high chair if we win. Take a second to pop over to the Bellingham Harald and vote for Hannah. It takes a few seconds because you have to "register" but come on you can do it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

In Bellingham they have Homeschool ice skating every Wednesday. We just found out about this and thought we'd give it a try. My kids have NEVER been on any type of skate before so I didn't know what we were in for...but we were in for FUN.

So we rented the skates and the little "helpers" to push around. The boys both used the helpers at first but within 45 min they were both trying solo. Of course there were many tumbles (and I am bring helmets next time and maybe knee pads) but I was so impressed with their determination to try it.

I tried to take some pictures but holding a 4 month old in a huge snowsuit wasn't the easiest of juggling acts. I will say Hannah did great. I think she's learning to just go with the flow.

And Isaiah went a tumbling down. Elijah actually went without the helper first, but I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy cheering him on.
Our friends that filled us in that there is homeshcool skate!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Daybook January 18,2010

FOR TODAY... Hannah turns 4 months this week!

Outside my window... windy, thought we might blow away, or at least the trash can outside.

I am thinking... it's nice to take an unexpected, unplanned day off from school.
I am thankful for... that my children are healthy.

I am wearing...jeans, pink shirt, and drum roll please, a belt...I needed a belt today. Long way to go before I fit into those tiny jeans in my closet but hey I'm trying
I am remembering... how fortunate we are to live in this country.

I am going...Taking the kids ice skating on Wednesday, gym class on Friday and my lucky lucky husband gets to go to a men's conference to hear the likes of Jon Courson, Brian Broderson and Greg Laurie...west coast perks!

I am currently reading... through the New Testament, so many nuggets of truth for my soul

I am hoping... to have a few phone dates with my a couple of my Maine friends this week

On my mind... a news story I saw last night, a women in Haiti giving birth in the midst of death and destruction. Praying for her and her sweet new baby girl.
Noticing that... Hannah produces more drool than any other baby I have ever seen.

From the learning rooms...taking today off so we can visit with friends, and then back to the fun, mountains, volcanoes, the 13 colonies.
Pondering these words... "I desire mercy not sacrifice"
From the kitchen...homemade pizza dough is rising for lunch today. YUM

Around the house... not too shabby,but not that great either
One of my favorite things...that although I feel like a frumpy mom who just had a baby my husband still thinks I am beautiful

From my photo journal....New Great Friends. Isaiah, Elijah, Ethan and Tyus, they are showing off their homemade pizza, it was so good and fun to make.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blog Award

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So if any of you really know me...I mean REALLY know me you know I love to anything! I love to win prizes. I am famous for trying hard to win the little trinkets at baby showers or gasp in excitement over winning a door prize. So imagine my delight when I got a "Beautiful Blogger Award" from Stephanie

Fun! Thanks Steph! So in playing along with the award here are 7 things about me before I give the award to two well deserving bloggers. These 7 things really shape who I am.

1. I have always loved children. I grew up with 6 brothers and sisters. I always loved babysitting. I couldn't wait to become a teacher so I'd be around kids all day. I love their sweet honesty, their willingness to love, and the way they look at you for comfort. I am a kid magnet. It seems like where ever we go, random children come up to me and say things like "I had pizza for lunch", "I like your rainbow scarf", "I like Lego's do you?" I think kids just know if your a "kid person" and that I am. I have been known to say "the dirtier, the more rough around the edges the better" when it comes to kids because those are the ones that need love the most. I can't imagine my life without a little pack of kids around me.

2. Speaking of kids, my kids are amazing. I can't believe I have 3. Although when Peter and I first got engaged he mentioned waiting "5 years" to have our first child and I mentioned having "8". Well we had Isaiah the day before our one year anniversary and 8 well who knows maybe we still can meet that one? Isaiah,Elijah and Hannah are beyond my wildest expectation for children. Each one in their own way has brought me so much joy. I am truly blessed to be their mom.

3. Ha speaking of being a mom...I must say my relationship with my mom has been one of my most treasured possessions. It's one thing to have a great mom, it's another thing to have a great friend, but it's on a whole new level when your mom is truly one of your very best friends. My mom is so special to me. We'd be friends even if we weren't mother and daughter this I know for sure. She is full of compassion and has such a giving heart. I pray I have these relationship with all three of my children.

4. And there are other friendships I have. I have truly learned the value of friendships over this past year. Moving across the country, far from my lifelong friends has been hard. But I have learned that true friendships are worth tending too even if from across the miles. I have also learned that there is room in my heart for new friends, even though they can not replace my friends back home, they have a very special place in my life right now.

5. To quote myself over ten years ago when speaking to my friend Ang "He's way out of my league" I was talking about Peter my husband. My friend and I were talking about possible "husbands" and she said "what about Pete?" I thought he was so cute and there was no way he'd look my way. BUT little did I know then the plan the Lord had for us. He surely does do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think. 10 years and 3 kids later he's still "out of my league" but he's MINE! We've been through a lot in our 10 years of marriage and through everything the good, the bad and the ugly he has remained constant. I still can't believe my shy husband asked me to marry him! =)
6. I love to laugh. Big laughs,small laughs any form of giggle suits me just fine. I don't mean to toot my own horn but since this is about me I'm going to indulge myself...and you....I think I am pretty funny. I remember laughing so hard when I was young my sides hurt, I'd get the hic ups and sometimes so bad I would throw up...not really funny to read but funny in the moment. My humor has changed allot since I've become a Christian...and I think for the better. I love to make a funny remark or retell a funny story to get everyone going. I love that Isaiah says "Mom you're silly"
7. Last but not least for without Jesus there would be no Bethany. I have walked with the Lord for over 12 years now and although my life around me has changed since I let Him into my life, He has remained faithful and remained the same. I am now entering a new understanding of my relationship with Him. He truly is the ultimate Friend. He is always there, always willing, always forgiving, always compassionate, always waiting for ME. And in this season of my life I can not put into words what that means...I have found rest for my soul.
Ok ENOUGH about me already lets get on with my two beautiful blog award winners.....
First is Neysha. She blogs about her amazing life, raising 7 children and 1 more due in about a month. She tries to live a very simple life, trying to be self sufficient. She posts many great recipes, crafts, and just tid bits to how blessed her life is. Miss you guys!
Second is Lara. Ok if you love FOOD like me, you must check out her blog. She blogs about recipes she's made and she takes step by step pictures. I patiently wait for her to add a new entry. It is a delight to read her humorous intros and conclusions to each recipe. YUM! Sure wish you were my neighbor so you could share your food with me!

Just Because...

She's almost 4 months. Can you believe it? Just wanted to show some new pictures of Hannah Bear. She's growing too fast.

Hannah in blue because Daddy says she has too much pink!
Hannah and BIG brother Isaiah.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Women's Day Book January 11,2010 Monday Monday

For Today...Monday Monday that's all I have to say about that
Outside my window....still dark...and it's going to be a cloudy rainy day
I am thinking...of my sister or maybe even sisters visit in March woot woot
I am thankful for....healthy children
I am yellow motherhood nursing jammies of course
I am where today
I am reading...I am reading the book of Mathew with Amy. Each day we read and then email something that the Lord showed us it's been so great.
I am run on the treadmill after lunch....Hannah willing
On my disgusting my pride is
From the Learning rooms....minerals in science. I need to get to Bellingham to buy Elijah a new Handwriting book. He's moving up!
Remembering's not about me.
From the kitchen...For me salmon patty from Costco...yum
Around the's a mess help.
Listening to...Hannah Bear's cooing and laughs
A few plans for this week...Isaiah has a dentist appointment and then there is gym class on Friday
One of my favorite things...Listening to the boys pray
From my photo journal...or rather today my video journal
This is Elijah playing with Hannah. He's telling her "You're in the Bible" meaning the name Hannah is in the Bible. We had a long talk about the kids names and where they came from and what they mean.

Friday, January 8, 2010

From The Desk of Isaiah and Elijah

A new year, and back to school. The boys are both working so hard. Isaiah is working on his first research paper and has finished his final working outline. Next week will be is rough draft and final copy. Elijah started his Saxon first grade math and he's so excited. Of course science continues to be their favorite subject. This week was all about fossils.

The boys made their own fossils using seashells, modeling clay and one of our favorite things plaster of paris.

They came out perfect.

They also learned about fossil fuels. To demonstrate the process of how minerals replace bones or shells. We sponges, water, and Epsom salt to help us. After our "fossil" sat for a couple days we noticed how salt crystals were inside the sponge the same way minerals would be inside a bone of shell. We compared our fossil sponge to a regular sponge to note the differences.

Hannah Bear an the Wii remote. She doesn't play yet but she LOVES watching us play. She laughs at me when I play figure skating

Monday, January 4, 2010

Daybook January 4th He Heals

For today.... Jan 4 2010 Christmas more tree, decorations, back to school

Outside my window...Rain Rain Rain, now I know what people meant when they said "It rains a lot out here" I will say I rather have the rain than snow

I am thinking...of my sister Mary who had a heart procedure today to repair and extra heart valve that she was born with and just now found out about. All went well because He heals.

I am thankful that..... I have a beautiful sister Mary -Elizabeth and a beautiful sister Christine

I am so glamours sweats...sick mom and sick baby = comfy clothes

I am going.....gym class on Friday and that's if we are feeling better

I am reading....started the One Year Bible and I am lucky to read that.

I am hoping....Hannah feels 100% better soon...mommy is tired

On my much there is not enough space in the blog sphere

I am listening to...CD from my mom that has praise song with Hannah's name in it, so beautiful

From the learning Rooms....up to my eyeballs in school. Elijah started Saxon 1 math today, can't believe he's almost 6

Remembering that....I must take it one day at a time, one hour at a time and one minuet at a time if need be AND tomorrow is my brother Jonathan's birthday "welcome to the 30's club lil bro"

From the a I am watching my eating post-baby

Around the house....fossils from science class

One of my favorite things... Hannah laughing at her brothers

From my photo journal

Hannah and Elijah "Mom can I hold Hannah" he always asks

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Year in Review

So I am snagging this idea from Sara more or less. Just a quick recap of photos and events from our eventful 2009 year.

2009 started with a BANG, finding out we were pregnant with our 3rd child in January!
3 ladies pregnant now we have 3 new beautiful children

Happy 5th Birthday to Elijah on Feb. 21. We celebrated with a costume party.

March we welcomed Amy's son Levi. I will never forget coming to see him the hospital and they had not decided on a name. I wasn't sure about the name Levi at first when it was tossed out as a possible name, but the second I held him I thought "wow he looks like a Levi"

April we knew we would be moving to Washington. We were so thankful for friends who made the time to spend some time with us those last few weeks. Here are our good friends Emma and Ethan enjoying an early spring ice cream.

And away we went across the country at the end of May. One of the highlights of course was visiting Mt. Rushmore.

June was fun in the sun. The weather this first summer in WA was unbelievable.

July we took our first trip into Seattle.

In August we celebrated Isaiah's 9th birthday early and anticipation things would be a bit busy on his actual birthday the same day the baby was due.

September 21 we welcomed Hannah Elizabeth

Oct my family came to visit. What a blessing they were able to come and meet Hannah in the first few weeks of her life. I can't wait to fly home in Oct THIS year for Christine's wedding.

Felicia flew all the way out to see me too. Her visit happened to fall on her birthday. So we had to celebrate with pink balloons and CHOCOLATE. I have learned the meaning of friendship being out here. True friendship can not be separated by miles.

December, our first Christmas in Washington. The boys sang in their first Christmas concert. It was awesome.

Happy New Year....Bring on 2010