Friday, January 8, 2010

From The Desk of Isaiah and Elijah

A new year, and back to school. The boys are both working so hard. Isaiah is working on his first research paper and has finished his final working outline. Next week will be is rough draft and final copy. Elijah started his Saxon first grade math and he's so excited. Of course science continues to be their favorite subject. This week was all about fossils.

The boys made their own fossils using seashells, modeling clay and one of our favorite things plaster of paris.

They came out perfect.

They also learned about fossil fuels. To demonstrate the process of how minerals replace bones or shells. We sponges, water, and Epsom salt to help us. After our "fossil" sat for a couple days we noticed how salt crystals were inside the sponge the same way minerals would be inside a bone of shell. We compared our fossil sponge to a regular sponge to note the differences.

Hannah Bear an the Wii remote. She doesn't play yet but she LOVES watching us play. She laughs at me when I play figure skating

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