Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Isaiah

It seems like yesterday that Isaiah was Hannah's size, wow 9 years has gone by so fast.

Hard to believe that he's 9 years ago. Peter lovingly reminded me this morning he's 1/2 way to being 18. I didn't want to hear that! I tried to upload a baby picture of Isaiah but I kept getting an error message. But boy was he one cute looking baby and now super handsome young man. Today was also Hannah's due date. When I told him he might have to share his birthday with his sister he said "well that's ok" And he really would have been happy to share this day with her. But it's still just his day! Isaiah was born one day before Peter and I's one year anniversary. He was the perfect gift then and he is the perfect gift today. Every year when we celebrate Isaiah's birthday Peter and I always reflect on that first year of marriage and how fast everything went.We got the ultimate expression of our love for each other and a reminder of how blessed we are on that day.
We love you Isaiah!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hannah Bear is one week old

Hannah Elizabeth is one week old today. I can't believe a week has gone by so fast. I guess it's a preview of the rest of our lives...they do grow so fast. Hannah is an adorable baby. She is a very content baby and really only cries when she wants eats. She loves the attention from everyone and just seems to be so alert and aware of things going on around her. She is really a dream baby.

Every time I look at Hannah am so grateful that the Lord changed the desire of my heart and whispered to me that another baby was in His will and how much He desired to bless us with another child. I am so humbled that He would reach down and touch our lives in such a personal way. I remember like it was yesterday we found out I was pregnant. I was amazed at how quickly it happened yet seemed like it took forever. Then when we found out we were having a girl I honestly thought they made a mistake. But she is here and she is all girl and beautiful.

Happy One Week Hannah Elizabeth.

One week old and pretty in purple.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

For this child I prayed 1 Samuel 1:27

Making her blog debut:
Hannah Elizabeth
Born: Sept 22
8:31 pm
7lbs 8oz
20 inches long
Amazingly beautiful!

This will be short because well it was a very short L & D. I had a doctors appoinment on Tuesday at 10:00. She determined it was 6 cm and we discussed coming in later to have her break my water. I wanted to think about it so I left and would call later to let her know what we decided to do. I was torn. We prayed about it and sought advice and decided to go ahead and have her do it. The doctor broke my water at 6::1 5pm.

Contractions started on their own right away. I walked the halls and worked through each one. About 8:15 I was checked again and was 7-8 cm. I was a little discouraged only because I thought I would have made more progress and I was going through everything natural and things were really becoming painful. But just as I wanted to give up it was time. The nurses started scrambling to get things ready, bring in the table, changing the bed, calling for the doctor to come back. It was all happening very fast. At 8:31 Hannah Elizabeth was born. 7lbs 8 oz 20 inches long and perfect. So from start to finish it was a 2 hour 16 min labor,and worth every second of it.

We are so blessed and thankful for this gift from the Lord. He has been so faithful to our family and Hannah's arrival is another way He has proved Himself to us. I had prayed and yes begged Him to bless us with a baby girl and here she is. Hannah means "favored grace" and He has indeed shown grace upon grace.

So here are some pictures of the big event. Mind you I was not in control of the camera so I got what Peter took.

Literally seconds after I had her.

Peter said he has never seen me so happy. I kept going on and on about how thankful I was.

Getting all clean and wrapped up tight.

She wasn't too happy.

Most of the team, my doula took the picture so she's not in it. Left to right my awesome nurse, my amazing doctor, and the best husband in the world of course.

Super proud daddy. He is still is in shock he has a baby girl.
Look at my cute outfit I am going to wear to go home.

My amazing children and one happy mama.

He's finally a big brother, and loving every second of it.

Super big brother, and ready for the big job.

Hannah is not too sure about the car ride home.

Safe and sound at home.
1 Samuel 1:27For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition whichI asked of Him

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Elijah lost his first tooth

We've been waiting for weeks for this moment. Finally this morning Elijah boasted "my tooth fell out" It's been hanging on because he refused to touch it. So this morning it just fell out on it's own. He was so excited. We put it in a special little box. We don't do the "tooth fairy" but Peter is going to give him some change. You can see it just barely in this picture, look closely on the bottom left hand side. He's growing up! Sniff sniff.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Build a Bear for Baby

As we wait impatiently for our new baby to arrive I am trying to keep us all busy to pass the time away. It has worked for everyone but me. LOL Today the boys made their new baby a bear at the Build a Bear Workshop. We have seen the store a million of times but never went in. It was a lot of fun and now the boys want to go back soon to make their own. Elijah even found a spider man costume for the bear. Oh my!

Stuffing the bear with just enough fluff.
Hugging the bear to make sure she's soft enough.

Warming up the hearts to put into the bear.

Putting their own special heart into the bear.

Giving the bear a nice cleaning before we take her home.

The finished product, pink and cute and the named her "Sandy"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Picture of the Day

Here's our view of Mt Baker from Birch Bay. It's absolutely beautiful.


Story time at the library is always fun. This time it was about dragons. The boys were very excited to go. The book was "Do you know what a dragon looks like?" After the story the kids were encouraged to use all sorts of materials to create a dragon of their own.

Making their dragon masks.

They made "fire" coming out of the mouths. Very creative.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Learning about the Sun.

We are having such a great time using the "Answers in Genesis" science curriculum this year. We are currently using "God's design for Heaven and Earth". I don't know who is learning more me or the kids. It's packed with very simple but effective experiments. And the best part is they actually work and use materials you most likely have in your house. I don't know how many "experiments" we've tried in the past that haven't worked and it's frustrating when it's suppose to drive home a key point. So there is my shameless plug for that curriculum. So we just finished learning about the Sun. Here are two experiments we did.

Early in the morning we went out and placed two "x" marks on the driveway. Then the boys traced their shadows every hour to watch how the earth rotates around the Sun. The first shadow was long and tall and in front of the boys. The shadows then moved around like a clock and got smaller. By late afternoon the shadow was long and behind them.

We learned about solar energy. In this experiment we had two glasses of water. We wrapped one in black paper. We took the water temperature every 5 minuets to see which one the sun would heat faster. Conclusion obviously the one covered in black paper.

Continuing with solar energy this experiment used three different colored papers, white, black and green. An ice cube was placed on each and then we watched to see what paper's ice cube melted the fastest. Obviously the black. Isaiah made a comment that I thought was neat he said "When I wear a white t-shirt I am not as hot outside as when I where a dark blue one"

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

RAIN? What's that?

We have had very little rain here in Washington since we've been here. We hear rumors that it is coming. Yesterday we had a few showers. The kids asked to play in the rain. I figured they might as well get used to doing it now. They had a blast.

Another day at school...

Slowly I roll out of bed every morning...and I do mean I literally roll. Some days I am so tired I just want to stay in bed, but I've got two little men ready to learn. This is from yesterday's school. The Lord manages to give me just enough strength to still do the fun stuff with them.

Elijah at the "store". He had to use his pennies to buy food items that had the prices on them. He liked this allot and wanted to play many rounds.
In science we learned about meteors. To demonstrate the impact a meteor has on the earth we created a town made of flour. The we dropped different size meteors on the city.

Salt to represent the many that hit our earth and we don't even realize it because they are so small.

A marble for a slightly larger one. It caused a little damage.

Then the gold ball that hit a building and made a crater.

The kids learned that God created our atmosphere to burn up most of the large meteors that would cause us harm. He also placed larger planets that have more of a gravitational pull than earth. These planets receive more meteors than our planet. We also learned that if our planet was indeed millions of years old we would see more evidence of meteor impact on the earth. Especially being that many scientist say this is one theory of what happened to the dinosaurs. However there is much more fossil evidence to support that a flood wiped out most of them. Pretty neat!!