Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Wish List for Mama

I love gifts. I love getting them, but I enjoy giving them more. I love when the kids give me a list of things they want for Christmas and being able to get them what they want. Their faces on Christmas morning are awesome. I love finding a little trinket for a friend when I am out and about and although it's not her birthday or Christmas surprising her with it anyway. I love knowing people well enough to know what will bring a big smile to their face.

Ok so did you read I love getting gifts? Yes I do. (I love winning prizes too) So as a throw back to my "Christmas wish list" days for myself. Here's what's on my list this year. (ps Peter gets my blog updates via email...hint hint)

First is a personalized necklace from They make beautiful hand stamped custom jewelry.

Next is a New LL Bean tote, Medium or Large with long handles. I left mine somewhere and I am lost at the library without one.

Ok so the next few are ornaments. I have two small trees, that this year I decided to decorate one Maine themed and the other Washington. I actually have a good start. On the Maine tree I have a moose, two black bears, and a booey. On the Washington one, an evergreen tree, and apple and some cute little dutch kitchen bake ware. So these next few ornament ideas would go on one of those trees. This one is the Space Needle. We love it there.

The town I live in is Lynden. It is very Dutch! So here is a little Dutch Windmill (there are many around town)

A throw back to college for Peter and I...a Maine Blackbear Ornament.

Of course a Boston Red Sox ornament. Isn't this hat so cute?

Living in the Pacific Northwest the Salmon rivals what a Lobster is in Maine.

Cute little Lighthouses to remind me of the Maine coast.

I have to have this LL Bean Boot ornament. It's so adorable.

Enough ornaments, let's get on with the stuff for ME (HA) I love these rain boots. I need a fun pair, size 7 please.

I can't wait to read this new Book By Cheryl Broderson. I love listening to her teachings online and this book looks fabulous.

Not to be a trader of LL Bean but Lands End Has this cute sweater. It's on sale right now! I like it the oatmeal brown color, but I am not picky =)(size small )

I know they are just plain silly but I love pj's and these Moose ones will just make me smile especially on a crabby Monday morning. I mean come on look at them they are a hoot.
So what's on YOUR list this year? I know you have one!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankgiving 2010

We had a very blessed Thanksgiving. This was a hard Thanksgiving for me being the first without my Gram. I kept thinking "she's going to call any second now". It was very hard being away from my family again this year. I just really wanted to be with them. But we are here in Washington with many blessings that it would be completely unfair not give thanks and glory to God for.

Our friends from "Maine" now living in Oregon came up to celebrate Thanksgiving with us, along with our very first friends we made here in Washington. Grand total six adults, ten kids. It was awesome. Food, Friends, Fellowship, Fun and.....SNOW!

Yeah that's right SNOW! It was such a "Maine" thanksgiving. I loved it. It snowed almost all day and it was beautiful. The kids played almost all day outside and it was amazing to cook all day with such a beautiful view to look at. I played some Christmas songs and for a second it was as though we fast forwarded to December 25.

Take a peek at our day.

Here's the adult table. Check out the snow.
More of the adult table.

Cute napkin and name cards.

And not to be left out the kid table. I put butcher paper and traced round "plates" which they colored. Each child added a leaf to the tree centerpiece with something they are thankful for.

Bob peeling the potatoes and watching football.

Hannah loves her friend but still had to have Mommy all day.
Annee and I...Lewiston girls. I love my lobster apron that my sweet friend Carolyn gave me awhile back. (another touch of Maine)

Isaiah out for his second or third trip outside to enjoy the snow.
Zip that coat Elijah...nah I can handle.

All the kids (minus Hannah)

Our friends son, Ben, made this out of legos. He got up at 6am to finish it. It was amazing!
Isaiah's finish plate.

And this is the photo of the day. Bob preparing to feast. What you don't see in this photo was the first plate that Bob ate. It was just as full. He went for seconds and we were all impressed by the size of his second helping. This was then followed by pie and ice cream. Amazing!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pig Tails

Little Miss Hannah Bear's hair has been growing FAST. It is now long enough to put in pig tails! She looks so much like a toddler and less like a baby. Makes me a little sad but also excited for all the new things coming.

She lets me do it with only a little resistance.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

From the Desks of Isaiah,Elijah, and Hannah

So a short week for school in our home, but short doesn't mean it was short on FUN! Check out what we did in two days!

So we have moved on to learning about "solids" in science. After a quick intro we jumped into some experiments.

This is what happens when you put a bar of Ivory soap in your microwave for two minuets. Any guesses to why? The boys want you to comment with your guess.
I don't know what's up with the faces...but we bought a ready to grow crystal kit. You'll have to check back for the results.
This is our "homemade" version, hopefully in a few days we'll have edible rock candy.

Elijah has been waiting for a week to complete his King Tut death mask. You can find out how to make it at this website.

It's from an empty milk jug, that we attached paper plates to and then paper mache. Oh yeah what a mess.

Spray painted with gold paint and then painted the design on with tempera paint.

He's lying down with the mask on top. He loves this thing. (that's my foot he's not that flexible)

And isn't this the cutest? Elijah and Hannah sitting in the laundry basket, which he then proceeded to push her in all over the house. She squealed in delight and it was music to my ears.

Friday, November 19, 2010

From the Desks of Isaiah,Elijah, and Hannah

Another week of learning at our house! The weeks seem to be flying by. I mean next week is Thanksgiving? Seriously? We have been keeping busy with Sonlight History core 1 and Sonlight History Core 4. It's really fun to be traveling back in time to two very different points in History. Elijah is in ancient Egypt (and will be for awhile) and Isaiah is in the Civil War (and will be for awhile) It's been fun with Elijah because we used this core with Isaiah and I remember doing some of the same projects with him.

Elijah carefully making his pyrmaid of of sugar cubes.

A little lop sided but he's still very proud of his creation.

Isaiah studied the underground railroad and about "freedom quilts" this is his "paper" version. The lines represent roads or rivers.

First dusting of snow! They were pretty excited and were outside at 8am

Saturday, November 13, 2010

From the Desks of Isaiah,Elijah and Hannah

This week we are studying matter, specifically density. We made a density jar with household liquids to see which were more dense. Molasses, syrup, water, oil and rubbing alcohol. It made a pretty layered look. We are going to put it in the fridge overnight to see if temprature effects it.

Carefully pouring in the ingredients.

Watching it seperate.

Ok no words just pure cuteness.

And now check out this video of our "plasma grape"

Plasma is what happens when you add enough energy (often in the form of raising the temperature) to a gas so that the electrons break free and start zinging around on their own. Since electrons have a negative charge, having a bunch of free-riding electrons causes the gas to become electrically charged. This gives some cool properties to the gas.

Our life take one, take two, take three

We had some family pics taken today for Christmas cards. We did get a couple that are in the running to make it on the card but these were too cute not to share. These pretty much sum up our lives. Peter and I have been married 11 years, 10 of those with child(ren). So we rarely have "us"time. And when we do sneak a moment it is that just a moment. We're working on that...there have been rumors for weeks we are going on a "date". So far a stolen kiss will have to do. =)
Ok kids smile for the camera while daddy and mommy kiss....
let's try
Ok forget it!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Art Projects

So this year my boys are taking art lessons from a real artist! No more glue and construction paper art from mom. A friend of mine referred me to a friend of hers who was starting to teach homeschoolers in her home. So we signed the boys up. They have been diligently working on a fall canvas painting for 4 weeks. And today they completed them. I am so overjoyed with what they created. I love both their pieces so much. I am going to dedicate a wall in our home just for their art work. They were so proud of their finished product and I think they have every right to be because they are awesome. They paintings reminded me so much of our trip back to Maine.
Check out Elijah's new two front teeth! Nice huh?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

From the Desks of Isaiah, Elijah, and Hannah

So in the style of my friend over at LemonadeMakin'Mama I am keeping this post real. She posted a few days ago about motherhood and the pit we can fall into comparing our weaknesses with other people's strengths. It really hit home because lately with a messy house, sick kids, behind from vacation, I was loosing my mind trying to get it all right. I felt like a failure and lashed out making me feel like more of a failure.So although this post may seem like we've had the most perfect week, I will add this disclaimer...everything is not as it appears. In between these pictures were tears, some fighting words, and lots of discouragement.But we have survived another week through God's mercy! I have said it before and I'll "blog" it again. I don't have it all together. Our family isn't picture perfect. But I'll let YOU in on a secret that I keep discovering NOBODY is. I think especially for Christians we should be real with each other. We shouldn't put on a fake mask and act like we have it all together all the time. There is a very human side to see someone become venerable and open up and say "you know I yelled at my kids today" or "My house is literally a mess" (and I mean a mess, not just a few dishes in the sink) or "I could really use some PRAYER" There is nothing more real than a need for prayer. So enjoy the "happy" pictures.

Elijah practicing "writing" on a clay tablet. He wrote an elaborate story using pictures about trading baseball cards.

Isaiah finished a chapter on the California gold rush and finished this covered wagon.

The boys are watching the video of how to make a balloon racer. Then they are carefully following step by step. We just finished a chapter on acceleration.

So I stepped back and let them use the hot glue gun. This is a big step for me. They did great and learned why it's called a HOT glue gun.

Elijah is attaching the straws.

So after all that work the result was "wa wa" I mean the car went but super slow and the boys said "it shouldn't be called a racer" HA

How much fun can two boys and a mom have with alka-seltzer tablets, water and empty mini m & m's containers??

Allot! Fill the bottom of the bottle with about an inch of water. Add your tablets (or 2 or 3) click the cover on, flip it upside down and watch out! (check out the videos at the end)

Now that she is a super walker there's no stopping her. This was Hannah's first time at the playground as a walker. She loved it and I got a work out.
All smiles.

Hannah's little buddy. She followed him everywhere.

It's not fall without some good leaf piles!!