Thursday, November 4, 2010

From the Desks of Isaiah, Elijah, and Hannah

So in the style of my friend over at LemonadeMakin'Mama I am keeping this post real. She posted a few days ago about motherhood and the pit we can fall into comparing our weaknesses with other people's strengths. It really hit home because lately with a messy house, sick kids, behind from vacation, I was loosing my mind trying to get it all right. I felt like a failure and lashed out making me feel like more of a failure.So although this post may seem like we've had the most perfect week, I will add this disclaimer...everything is not as it appears. In between these pictures were tears, some fighting words, and lots of discouragement.But we have survived another week through God's mercy! I have said it before and I'll "blog" it again. I don't have it all together. Our family isn't picture perfect. But I'll let YOU in on a secret that I keep discovering NOBODY is. I think especially for Christians we should be real with each other. We shouldn't put on a fake mask and act like we have it all together all the time. There is a very human side to see someone become venerable and open up and say "you know I yelled at my kids today" or "My house is literally a mess" (and I mean a mess, not just a few dishes in the sink) or "I could really use some PRAYER" There is nothing more real than a need for prayer. So enjoy the "happy" pictures.

Elijah practicing "writing" on a clay tablet. He wrote an elaborate story using pictures about trading baseball cards.

Isaiah finished a chapter on the California gold rush and finished this covered wagon.

The boys are watching the video of how to make a balloon racer. Then they are carefully following step by step. We just finished a chapter on acceleration.

So I stepped back and let them use the hot glue gun. This is a big step for me. They did great and learned why it's called a HOT glue gun.

Elijah is attaching the straws.

So after all that work the result was "wa wa" I mean the car went but super slow and the boys said "it shouldn't be called a racer" HA

How much fun can two boys and a mom have with alka-seltzer tablets, water and empty mini m & m's containers??

Allot! Fill the bottom of the bottle with about an inch of water. Add your tablets (or 2 or 3) click the cover on, flip it upside down and watch out! (check out the videos at the end)

Now that she is a super walker there's no stopping her. This was Hannah's first time at the playground as a walker. She loved it and I got a work out.
All smiles.

Hannah's little buddy. She followed him everywhere.

It's not fall without some good leaf piles!!


meyehaws said...

Your blog is so beautiful and "real" as you said. :-) I have been there done that. Hang in there! There were days that tears and yelling were very real in our homeschooling experience. It is well worth it and the blessings far out weigh those hard days. (Not that saying that makes the hard days eaiser.) I will continue to pray for you and all the homeschooling moms. :-) God Bless!
Sheila Wakefield
(former homeschool mom) :-)

kelizzle said...

I love this post Bethany it's so what I needed to read! Luv u!