Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Hannah Video

Hannah's got some new moves.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Can Read It!

Elijah LOVES learning. He always has. He loves to be read to, he loves discovering new things, and his is loving to learn how to read. He finished his first "I Can Read It" book today ( he made me let him read two stories so he could finish and boasted "I can't wait to start book 2") When Isaiah was reading this series he constantly moaned how boring they were, but Elijah found this book very entertaining. I am so proud of his progress. At the end of each book there is a little certificate that you can give. You would have thought this was an Olympic gold medal, because he was so happy to get it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daybook Tuesday Feb 23

For Today February 23 " There are flowers" -Isaiah coming inside with some dandelions

Outside my window...dark right now but I know another beautiful day is just about to start. Mid 50's all February? What an amazing land the Lord has brought our family too. I love this mild winter,especially running all over the place with 3 kids.

I am thinking...of my brother Steven and praying his heart is open to the Lord.

I am thankful for...amazing friends back home in Maine and now here in Washington. I am so thankful for our church family here. They have been such a blessing to us.

From the learning much so much so much learning going on. Geysers, Revolutionary War, more Olympic goodies

From the kitchen...ho hum getting bored in the kitchen. Need some new ideas for my picky picky eaters.

I am wearing...pj's

I am Target and the park

I am reading....Mark and "Ask a Pilot"

I am the only One that offers real hope Jesus

Around the house...did some seriously cleaning yesterday and need to finish today since the property management place in stopping by to check out the house...nice of them to give me 24 hour notice.

One of my favorite things...being a mom to 3 amazing kids

A few plans for the rest of the week...gym class on Friday,ladies fellowship Friday night ( I am going to try to take Hannah Bear I hope she's good)

Photo journal: Hannah is now 5 months!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lunch Celebration

We took Elijah out for lunch today and invited our good friends to come along to celebrate with us. Applebees had their hands full with our party but we all had a blast. Elijah and his "best buddy" Ethan
Isaiah and his friend Tyus (Ethan's brother)

Hannah and her "boyfriend" Beckham

FUN FUN FUN (Ok Jayme you escaped the camera this time but I will get you next time)

Me and Leah (Look I have a friend in Washington and here's a picture to proove it) Love you Leah, thanks for your friendship!

Happy 6th Birthday to Elijah

We call him "Bubby".(but not in public anymore) He is also called "Squishy". (by auntie Christine) He is Elijah and let me just say even if I wasn't his mom I'd think he was a pretty cool kid. Elijah turns 6 today. It's hard to believe that it was 6 years ago we had this little boy who would change our lives forever.

Elijah is our funny guy, our jokester. He's always laughing and trying to get others to laugh. But he's very sensitive, and caring. He loves BIG. He is an amazing brother which he likes to boast he is a little brother and a big brother. He loves being Isaiah's best buddy and he is completely in love with his sister Hannah.

This year has brought about so many changes in Elijah and I just wanted to highlight a few of those. Since we moved to Washington he has become much more out going. I don't know if the move had anything to do with that or he just has become more comfortable with himself. To some extend he has lived in the shadows of Isaiah, sharing Isaiah's interests, Isaiah's friends, he wanted to be just like big brother. And he still does but he has is own interests now,and his own little group of friends.

Elijah has learned to read this year. He loves to pull out his reader and will read with excitement. He is adding and subtracting and loves the achievement of completing his lesson. He is passionate about drawing. He fills blank pages with Star Wars, Spiderman, Veggie Tales and just about anything he can imagine. He loves Lego's and he builds some pretty cool creations. He has come out of his little shell and he has spoken in front of large groups of people without assistance or pushing from mom. He is also working so hard on learning all the books of the bible in order. He's completed the Old Testament and to hear him say them blesses me every time. He loves to talk about Jesus and what it will be like in heaven. His child like faith reminds me of the faith I desire in my own life. And even though he is a big 6 year old he still loves to cuddle with his mom.

He's has the cutest little voice ever. I know that one day that voice will become a little young man's voice, but until then I am going to savor this stage in Elijah's life. I can't wait to see what this new year brings in his life.

Elijah you are pure delight in my life. Here's a little conversation that Elijah and I share daily

Elijah: I love you mom
Mom : I love you more
Elijah: I love you more
Mom: I love you the most
Elijah: I love you the most
Mom: I love you beyond the stars
Elijah: I love you beyond the stars
Mom: Forever
Elijah Forever

Big smiles from the birthday boy
Classic Elijah "thumbs up"

He loves Hannah so much and she knows it

Ok I had to post this one because look at him. This is "silly" Elijah to the fullest.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Elijah's 6th Birthday Party

Another birthday party extravaganza for the Pellerin's. I love throwing these parties for the kids. They have so many wonderful memories of their birthday parties. First I must start off by saying how blessed we have been to surrounded by such amazing families. They have welcomed us with open arms. Their friendships means more to us than they will realize. This was Elijah's first birthday in Washington and everyone made is so awesome for him! We miss our family and friends in Maine and wish they were here to celebrate but we are so blessed with how God has filled in our lives here.

So we had a pool/Star Wars party for Elijah's 6th birthday. (his real birthday is tomorrow) How fun! Check out all the pictures and details.

The YMCA in Lynden has an inflatable thing they put in the pool sort of like an obstacle course. They kids jump and climb on it and slide into the pool It was fun to watch the kids try to master it. Of course it's fun just to swim in the pool too.

Fun in the pool.
Special thanks to Julie for the pool pictures.

Lots of kid,lots of fun.

Elijah giving the thumbs up.

Heading toward the finish line.

After the pool fun the kids headed upstairs to the second part of the party. Star Wars games, cake ice cream and presents!

Fun goodie bags for all the guest. (A very special thank you to Leah for helping me get all these balloons from the store to the party. It seemed easy enough but they wouldn't all fit in my car. So she came to my rescue. THANK YOU)

"Thanks for coming to Elijah's 6th Birthday Party"

The Cake

Most of the boys "waiting" for the girls to come up from the pool.
Another special thanks to Terra for taking all the pictures upstairs, I was busy with games, cake and Hannah and she did an awesome job for me.
Getting ready for game number one, star wars version of red light green light. I had light sabers that lite up and when it was green it was a go , when it was a blue they stopped, and both colors where slow down.

Hannah Bear enjoying the action.

More "red light blue light"

Me with the light sabers.

Pass the "death star" a balloon they passed like hot potato to star wars music.

Save princess Leia. She was hidden in one of the balloons and they had to burst the balloons to find her.


Birthday boy with "fake flames" we never have a lighter.

Who needs a spoon?

Enjoying the sweetness.

Present time Present time
I love how all the kids get excited to watch their friend open gifts.

So happy, so blessed.
The guest getting their goodie bags.
I am saving a few photos for tomorrow post when I share my thoughts about our very special 6 year old.

Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 Winter Olympic Con't

We've been doing a great unit study on the winter Olympics this week. We've learned so much. The meaning of the rings, the Olympic motto, different sports, about different athletes. Everyday we have been keeping a medal tally of the US and an athlete study on those who win gold. GO USA , we're doing great. In gym class they finished with a few more events and of course gold medals. They had a blast.

Bob Sleigh

Hockey of course

Pairs Skating

And in Hannah News:

New Shoes that stay on her feet.

Beautiful Girl

This was us in Pink for Valentine's Day

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day Book Feb. 15th Hush Little Baby

For Today....Time to implement a new sleeping plan for Hannah

Outside my window....slowly getting light out

I am thinking...of what Olympic events are on today

I am thankful for...amazing friends and family who have come and are coming to Washington to visit.

I am wearing...yellow pj's (I swear I wear these every other night)

I am going...busy week, ice skating, gym class and Elijah's 6th birthday are all this week.

I am reading...Practical theology for Women (just about done) My friend's husband is an airline pilot and just gave me a book "Ask a pilot" to help me with my fear of flying. And TWO baby sleep books, sigh Hannah is doing great with napping but night time still not great.

I am use duct tape on my mouth (I love you Peter)

On my parents who are fostering a little infant baby with many strikes against her. They have such loving and warm hearts.

From the learning many fun things. An amazing unit study on the 2010 winter Olympics being held just across the border here. The boys are so into it and they both want to learn to snowboard and since we hit 100 days we're taking them out to Mt Baker to try it out. FUN!

Remembering that..."JOY" comes in the morning.

Around the house...12 red roses from my husband, they are so pretty and since we don't have cats I can keep them out to enjoy

One of my favorite things...putting tights on Hannah

From my photo Journal...mother and daughter

Friday, February 12, 2010

Homeschool Fine Arts Showcase

So if doing the Winter Olympics and a Valentine's day party wasn't enough our homeschoolers did one more thing today. They participated in a "Fine Arts Showcase". Basically the kids were encouraged to share something with the group pertaining to the arts. Some kids played the violin, some played the piano, one child read an original story, and many like Isaiah and Elijah showed an art piece. It was really amazing first to see all the creativity but second to watch the other kids be so attentive and so gracious as each kid presented their work.

Elijah telling how he made his "Heart Love" painting made with oil pastels and water color paints. He did so good explaining each step

Isaiah decided to show a piece he did last year because it's "his favorite" His piece is entitled "Splatter Fun" inspired by Pollock's painting "Lavender Mist"

The group listening to a story.

Ok I couldn't resist these cuties...they just wanted to dress up and they were adorable. I thought "a picture of things to come with Hannah Bear"

Valentine's Day Party

Again I can not express how blessed we are to have such a great group of fellow homeschoolers here. It was one of my fears in moving that we would loose that connection, but God has provided again. After our amazing gym class we had a Valentine's Day lunch and card exchange. The food was great, the fellowship was sweet and the card exchange was darling.

I let the kids choose what they wanted to make for their valentines. Elijah chose to make play dough and then cut it out in the shape of a heart. We got the recipe from FamilyFun and it is a great recipe. Then we put them in baggies with a simple card attached. Isaiah chose to give paper airplanes with the instructions how to fold them also from FamilyFun. We rolled them up and attached a card that read "you're just 'plane' awesome" They were super cute.
The kids each had a bag and they had so much fun "delivering" their valentines to their friends. They got some really creative cards and giggled all the way home reading them.