Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday to Elijah

We call him "Bubby".(but not in public anymore) He is also called "Squishy". (by auntie Christine) He is Elijah and let me just say even if I wasn't his mom I'd think he was a pretty cool kid. Elijah turns 6 today. It's hard to believe that it was 6 years ago we had this little boy who would change our lives forever.

Elijah is our funny guy, our jokester. He's always laughing and trying to get others to laugh. But he's very sensitive, and caring. He loves BIG. He is an amazing brother which he likes to boast he is a little brother and a big brother. He loves being Isaiah's best buddy and he is completely in love with his sister Hannah.

This year has brought about so many changes in Elijah and I just wanted to highlight a few of those. Since we moved to Washington he has become much more out going. I don't know if the move had anything to do with that or he just has become more comfortable with himself. To some extend he has lived in the shadows of Isaiah, sharing Isaiah's interests, Isaiah's friends, he wanted to be just like big brother. And he still does but he has is own interests now,and his own little group of friends.

Elijah has learned to read this year. He loves to pull out his reader and will read with excitement. He is adding and subtracting and loves the achievement of completing his lesson. He is passionate about drawing. He fills blank pages with Star Wars, Spiderman, Veggie Tales and just about anything he can imagine. He loves Lego's and he builds some pretty cool creations. He has come out of his little shell and he has spoken in front of large groups of people without assistance or pushing from mom. He is also working so hard on learning all the books of the bible in order. He's completed the Old Testament and to hear him say them blesses me every time. He loves to talk about Jesus and what it will be like in heaven. His child like faith reminds me of the faith I desire in my own life. And even though he is a big 6 year old he still loves to cuddle with his mom.

He's has the cutest little voice ever. I know that one day that voice will become a little young man's voice, but until then I am going to savor this stage in Elijah's life. I can't wait to see what this new year brings in his life.

Elijah you are pure delight in my life. Here's a little conversation that Elijah and I share daily

Elijah: I love you mom
Mom : I love you more
Elijah: I love you more
Mom: I love you the most
Elijah: I love you the most
Mom: I love you beyond the stars
Elijah: I love you beyond the stars
Mom: Forever
Elijah Forever

Big smiles from the birthday boy
Classic Elijah "thumbs up"

He loves Hannah so much and she knows it

Ok I had to post this one because look at him. This is "silly" Elijah to the fullest.

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