Saturday, February 20, 2010

Elijah's 6th Birthday Party

Another birthday party extravaganza for the Pellerin's. I love throwing these parties for the kids. They have so many wonderful memories of their birthday parties. First I must start off by saying how blessed we have been to surrounded by such amazing families. They have welcomed us with open arms. Their friendships means more to us than they will realize. This was Elijah's first birthday in Washington and everyone made is so awesome for him! We miss our family and friends in Maine and wish they were here to celebrate but we are so blessed with how God has filled in our lives here.

So we had a pool/Star Wars party for Elijah's 6th birthday. (his real birthday is tomorrow) How fun! Check out all the pictures and details.

The YMCA in Lynden has an inflatable thing they put in the pool sort of like an obstacle course. They kids jump and climb on it and slide into the pool It was fun to watch the kids try to master it. Of course it's fun just to swim in the pool too.

Fun in the pool.
Special thanks to Julie for the pool pictures.

Lots of kid,lots of fun.

Elijah giving the thumbs up.

Heading toward the finish line.

After the pool fun the kids headed upstairs to the second part of the party. Star Wars games, cake ice cream and presents!

Fun goodie bags for all the guest. (A very special thank you to Leah for helping me get all these balloons from the store to the party. It seemed easy enough but they wouldn't all fit in my car. So she came to my rescue. THANK YOU)

"Thanks for coming to Elijah's 6th Birthday Party"

The Cake

Most of the boys "waiting" for the girls to come up from the pool.
Another special thanks to Terra for taking all the pictures upstairs, I was busy with games, cake and Hannah and she did an awesome job for me.
Getting ready for game number one, star wars version of red light green light. I had light sabers that lite up and when it was green it was a go , when it was a blue they stopped, and both colors where slow down.

Hannah Bear enjoying the action.

More "red light blue light"

Me with the light sabers.

Pass the "death star" a balloon they passed like hot potato to star wars music.

Save princess Leia. She was hidden in one of the balloons and they had to burst the balloons to find her.


Birthday boy with "fake flames" we never have a lighter.

Who needs a spoon?

Enjoying the sweetness.

Present time Present time
I love how all the kids get excited to watch their friend open gifts.

So happy, so blessed.
The guest getting their goodie bags.
I am saving a few photos for tomorrow post when I share my thoughts about our very special 6 year old.


It'sSteph said...

Fun! I like the Princess Leah game! Happy Birthday Elijah!

jen said...

It looks like it was a big, wonderful party!!! You did a great job. You must be exhausted but it's all worth it. He'll always remember his Star Wars party.