Monday, November 30, 2009

Day Book Novemeber 30 :Clean to Decorate

For Today...Clean to decorate

Outside my window...clouds what else?

I am thinking... I need two cups of coffee this morning

I am thankful for...our awesome church which can be define by the word LOVE.

I am wearing...nursing jammies from Motherhood, they are my favorite

I am remembering...that last year at this time how much I wanted to be pregnant

I am where, I am all done being in the van

I am currently reading...Sarah Palin's book "Going Rougue" it's very good especially when she talks about her children and her last child Trig

I am get some serious house work done so I can pull out the decorations

On my in Maine

From the learning rooms...we are starting a new science book and a Christmas study called "Celebrate the Savior"

Noticing that...time is going by way too fast. My baby is 2 months and growing fast.

Pondering these words "Before there can be Penecost there has to be the Resurrection and before the Resuurection there has to be DEATH"

from the kitchen...the butter pumpkin cake has left the building. I had to send it with Peter to work because it's not condusive to loosing this pregnancy weight. Some love chocolate, I love pumpkin

around the house...the tree is up and it's beautiful.

one of my favorite things...early morning phone calls with Amy!!

From my photo journal: Thankgiving dinner at the Goodrich's. Notice the empty chair..that would be mine, but Hannah Bear wanted her Thanksgiving dinner first.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Big Girl

Hannah had her 2 month check up today. She's growing!! She weighed in at 12 lbs 14 oz and is now 23 3/4 inches long. There is nothing better than a growing, healthy happy baby.

Daybook November 23 Back to the Basics

For Today...back to the basics

Outside my's still dark outside but I don't mind

I am wonderful a good cup of coffee tastes right now (gingerbread creamer)

I am thankful for..the discipline of the Lord and for bold solid biblical teaching.

I am wearing...pj's Lisa sent me soooo comfy

I am strange dream. We moved back to Calais and bought our old house and I cried and cried and cried. Interesting.

I am going... Hannah Bear has her 2 month check up today WOW For Thanksgiving we are headed to Oregon to enjoy dinner with some good friends of ours. I am thankful for friends on the west coast.

I am reading ..still reading 90days with Jesus and I am going to pick up Sarah Palin's new book when I am out and about today.

I am get back to basics today in all areas in my life.

On my mind... how to show my kids I love them today

From the learning rooms...not too much, Math, Language Arts and History. We are not starting our new Science book this week. We'll wait until next week.

noticing that...I spend too much time on the computer.

pondering these words..."He who has begun a good work in you will be faithful to complete until the day of Jesus Christ"

listening to... Little coos from Hannah Bear

from the kitchen ...oh boy do I have to cook dinner tonight? Maybe pork chops

around the house...not too much but I hear the snowman collection chanting "Let us out, Let us out"

From my photo journal

Hannah Bear and her Daddy!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The First Thanksgiving

We are very blessed to have connected with a great group of homeschoolers. Today the kids attended a "First Thanksgiving" party. It was totally up my ally. I wish I thought of it, but with a new little one I was thankful just to be able to attend these kinds of things with the kids. We were asked to bring something that they might have served at the first thanksgiving. We brought popcorn and cornbread...but we should have brought lobster (did you know lobsters were served at the first thanksgiving?)

We had to climb a ladder to the hay loft to get to actual times with a 2 month old,but with some help we made it. And so glad we did. Everything was set up so cute. The kids could play on the huge pile of hay and jump on the trampoline (gasp). The food was great and the company was even better. Hannah Bear took a nap in her Baby Bjorn. Check out the pictures. They are dark (it was cloudy and pouring rain outside.

Cute turkey made from watermelon, peppers a pear,cheese and grapes.

The "table" adorable.

Jump and climb

Watching the story of the Mayflower on a laptop.

The boys waiting for their turn to say what they are thankful for Isaiah said "I am thankful for my parents,my brother and my sister" Elijah said "I am thankful for the food and my sister"

Hearing the story of Squanto.

Push the pumpkin with the broom. So fun!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From the Desk of Isaiah and Elijah

Our school week is just about done. But what a week it's been. We finally finished our first book it the AIG "God's Design for Heaven and Earth: Our Universe" I know I have said this before but I don't know who is learning more from this series me or the kids. The next book in the series is "God's Design for Heaven and Earth: Our Earth" Elijah is very excited about this because we will be studying, volcanoes, glaciers and earthquakes, all things he is very interested in. We also finished the first 7 chapters in our "Story of the USA" book. We are moving right along.

Isaiah thought he would write better if he wore his sunglasses. I was all for it if it helped him write a complete paragraph. HA! He actually did great. He wrote why he believed God prepared the Indian Squnto for his encounter with the Pilgrims.
Break time...Playing their DS' in boxes. Ok these boxes are worth a million dollars for the amount of enjoyment they have given them. They are using them as cars here to race against each other. There are stickers and stories written on the inside and outside of them. Why go Christmas shopping?

Painting the ever so popular space styrofoam balls for their space model. They made a total mess but the end result was well worth it.

"TA DA" First check out Elijah's face...classic. Second check out Isaiah's shirt "Big Brothers Rock" Love it

And here is Hannah bear in my latest Craigslist find. It's a soothing glider. She seems to love it. Check out her outfit. She loves having no pants on. I think we might have to talk about that one.

Hannah Video

Smiles from Hannah

Monday, November 16, 2009

Daybook Novemeber 16

November 16

For Today....enjoying the season

Outside my window....very windy, raining, grey

I am thinking to make Christmas more about Jesus this year

I am thankful for...having a baby in the house again

I am wearing...super cute pj pants Fle got me and my hubbys t-shirt, super comfy

I am take it one day at a time

I am a "First Thanksgiving" party with the kids on Thursday. We are to bring something that might have been served at the first Thanksgiving. We are bring cornbread and popcorn. Sounds like it's going to be a fun time.

I am reading...still reading 90 days with Jesus, not sure what to read next,any suggestions?

I am hoping...and praying that Hannah Bear feels better soon. She has a little cold.

On my and friends back in Maine and how much I miss them

I am listening to...David Crowder Band "how He loves us"

From the learning rooms...Finishing Space Exploration complete with a space model,still going through the book of Job (very different reading it with a 9 and 5 year old)

Noticing boys need haircuts

Pondering these words...Blessed are those who keep His testimonies, Who seek Him with a whole heart. Psalm 119:2

From the kitchen...Meatloaf, carrots, mashed potatoes for dinner and maybe some chocolate chip cookies (ha not from scratch from the premade cookie dough tube)

Around the house...3 beautiful children

One of my favorite things...a smiling baby even if it's at 3:30 in the morning

From my photo journal...

Beautiful Mt.'s amazing.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

From the desk of Isaiah and Elijah

Another week of school has come and gone. It's amazing to me how fast the weeks go by. This past week we continued our study of space exploration. We learned about NASA and why it was formed, it's first mission and what missions it does today. We studied about space rockets and the space shuttle.

In History we read about Esteban a slave who lead the Spaniards north of Mexico into present day New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. We are also reading "The Thanksgiving Story" For fun we watched the Peanuts "Mayflower" and of course "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"

We made a single and double rocket out of a straw, string and a balloon. We watched it sail across the room when the air was released. With the double rocket the first balloon let out air and then the second.

Every Friday we are blessed to be part of a homeschool gym class. There are over 20 kids from all age groups. Last week they played kickball and this week it was jump roping. My boys were actually very good at the group jump rope. In this picture they are playing the "name game" trying to help the kids to remember each others names.

Three kids to love...

Here is a video of the single rocket launch.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Army Specialist Aaron Aamot

Yesterday the body of Army Specialist Aaron Aamot was brought back home. He was killed in action in Afghanistan on November 5 2009. We of course didn't know Aaron or his family but there was a posting for the community to come out and show their support as the motorcade from the airport to the funeral home made it's way through Main St. I thought it would be a good opportunity to teach the boys about sacrifice and about being thankful for the freedom we have. It was serious conversation and they both understood and wanted to go and show that they were thankful to Specialist Aaron Aamot and his family.

So I packed up the 3 kiddos and the "thankyou" sign we made. When we arrived on Maine street there weren't too many people yet. But then all of a sudden just a flow of people started to line the street. I really have never seen anything like it. I assumed that a lot of the people were like us, people who didn't know him personally but wanted to pay their respects. People came with signs and flags.

There was a black hawk helicopter that flew above the motorcade. As soon as it was visible to the crowd it got very quiet. The teenagers stopped their loud laughter, parents stopped talking, the children were hash. It was a very somber moment. As the motorcade past by you could tell the family and friends were touch by the outpouring of support. Some took pictures of the crowd from their cars, some nodded to us as they drove by, and others were visibly crying.

I was very thankful we took time to go out and be part of it.

When we got home I had an email from a homeschool group message board. Aaron was a former homeschooler. It just made it seem more personal as I know what a sacrifice it is for a family to homeschool our children. And just how very close you are to your children, spending hours doing projects, reading, going on field trips and my heart just broke for his parents, his siblings and his entire family.

Take a moment just to read about Aaron by clicking on these links and be thankful for his sacrifice and hug your kids extra tight today.

Isaiah and Elijah with their sign and American flags, waiting (very patiently I might add) for the motorcade.
A crowd on the overpass.

This was the view when I looked to the right, the view was the same when I looked to the left.

The black hawk helicopter as it approached Main st.

The start of the motorcade.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Hannah ...Just Because

I must confess I am addicted to dressing Hannah Bear. I remember being pregnant and spending literally hours in her room looking at all the little outfits dreaming of the day I would be able to dress her. Now dressing little boys is fun, but dressing a litter girl is way more fun. The little outfit she has on today was picked out by big brother Elijah...because he said she had too much pink. I am a sucker for pink, but I must say she is pretty in purple. Seriously she's way cuter in person. And those chubby little cheeks are so cute I can't stop kissing them.

In this picture she gave a little squeal, she's a happy baby first thing in the morning.

Big girl in her tub or as we call this time "spa day".

Monday, November 9, 2009

Day Book November 9th

November 9th

For Today...Refocus

Outside my window... it's actually still dark outside, but by the time I actually get around to finishing this post it better be light!

I am thinking...I still don't like Monday's but they come every week so I should get over it already

I am thankful for...that prayer knows no borders

I am wearing...comfy brown pants and a purple tshit...technically I am still in my "pjs"

I am remembering...i need to return a pile of library books

I am where, staying home most of the week. Friday is gym class and lunch with a new friend

I am reading..."90 days with Jesus" by Beth Moore and "Your God is too small" by J.B.Phillips

I am legs will stop being so sore from my run on FRIDAY so I can run again

On my mind... Still amazed that standing for truth has consequences

From the learning room...Space exploration, NASA, looking for a mini thanksgiving unit

Noticing house is always cluttered no matter how much "de-cluttering" I do

Pondering these words...from our Bible lesson today "the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away"

From the kitchen...since all of my pumpkin chocolate chip muffins are gone, I should bake something...and oh for dinner? Maybe chicken pot pie?

Around the house...lots of laundry to be put away

One of my favorite email from an old friend and new smiles from Hannah

From my photo journal...

Friday, November 6, 2009

From the Desk of Isaiah and Elijah

We took off Monday and Tuesday from school so I could spend some time with Felicia while she was here. But we were ready to get back to school on Wednesday.

Isaiah took his fourth Math test and did very well. He finished reading "Squanto Friend to the Pilgrims" and learned about Francisco Pizarro in Peru and the conquering of the Incas. Isaiah is also learning personal time management since Hannah has been born. There are a lot of things Isaiah is capable of doing without assistance from me. So each day he takes out his daily assignment sheet and he completes each assignment on his own by 3:00. It's been great for him to manage his time and also gives him personal work ethic.

Elijah finished his first unit from Explode the Code 1 and also it's companion from He also finished reading the first part of his "I can read book" from Sonlight. So Elijah is proud to say "I am reading" and he is. He is doing amazing. In Math Elijah compared things that were "longer than" and "shorter than" a pencil. He also learned about the "Industrial Revolution"

Here is Elijah with his two piles of things that are "shorter than" or "longer than" a pencil

In Science the boys started their study on space exploration. At the end of next week we will be creating a solar system model (wow it took me awhile to find one, trusty Wal-Mart had the kit)

They also went to their first homeschool group gym class. They had a lot of fun learning and playing the classic game of kick ball.

We also read "The Popcorn Book" by Tomie dePaola. I really enjoy his books. This book of course is all about popcorn. We just bought a popcorn maker and wow is it fun. We highly recommend this book too. It's fun and packed with some useful information. For example you should store you unpopped popcorn in the refrigerator to keep it moist which makes for a better popping experience.

Hannah is starting to smile and she is staying awake for longer periods of time. She has her fussy time from about 5-6:30 every night. =) She does great at night only waking to nurse and then she's right back to sleep. One thing I noticed this week that I awake just before she does. It's sort of like we are in sync with each other, I anticipate her waking to be fed. She's growing so fast and I want to slow it down.

The boys have also been into creating things. Elijah loves play dough, come to think of it ever since the first time I let him play with it, he has loved it. And Isaiah has been into Legos. Here are a few of their creations.

Elijah's "spiderman"

Isaiah's robot.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cider Party

What a blessing to have an alternative to "Halloween" this year. We have never done the whole Halloween thing and usually we either hand out candy and gospel tracks or just turn the lights off. My kids haven't really missed a thing, one because they dress up anytime they want and two because candy isn't that hard to come by. We have chosen not to celebrate Halloween because of it's demonic beginnings. Our church held a "cider party". There was a cute skit, tons of games, jumpy house, tons of food, candy galore and of course homemade apple cider .

The skit about the Harvest the Lord has called us too.
Listening to the message.

These cuties are 2 weeks apart. Hannah looks so big next to baby Trigger.

Watching the cider press.

The squeezed apples. We all got to bring home a gallon of cider...YUM

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Visitors from Maine, almost as good as being back.

It's been a busy last week. I had two great friends come out to visit me. Felecia and Angela. Felecia has had her plane ticket for 6 months, pretty much right after we found out we were moving. Ang drove out to Colorado with a friend and thought "hey I'll hope a plane to Washington to see Bethany" I am blessed to have friends who would travel across the country to see little ol me. I am very thankful to have such friends in my life and realized just how rare it is to have such lifelong friends.

Hannah and Angela.

She finally got to hold Hannah Bear.

Felecia at Birch Bay. We had checked the 10 day forecast...all rain but as it turned out, we only had one day of rain. Hmmm do you think we know the Maker of the rain?

The famous gelato. YUM! That's the pumpkin he's scooping. SO amazing.

Ahhh Coach outlet store. Our dream store. I got Hannah a little bad and Felecia got a new wallet. The big pink Coach bag still alludes me. (Peter if you are reading this, it would be cheaper than a kitchen aid mixer that I want too)

Hannah Bear and Mommy, she's already a great shopper.

Felecia was here for her birthday. So we had cake, baloons and pressents. I got her the cute apron because she loves to cook and she's very good at it I might add.

We love us some Mexican food. We told them it was her birthday so she got to where the birthday sombrero and they sang to her. Awesome food by the way at Mi Mexico in Bellingham.

Fried Ice Cream...yeah I'll have to run 5 miles to work that baby off.