Friday, November 13, 2009

Army Specialist Aaron Aamot

Yesterday the body of Army Specialist Aaron Aamot was brought back home. He was killed in action in Afghanistan on November 5 2009. We of course didn't know Aaron or his family but there was a posting for the community to come out and show their support as the motorcade from the airport to the funeral home made it's way through Main St. I thought it would be a good opportunity to teach the boys about sacrifice and about being thankful for the freedom we have. It was serious conversation and they both understood and wanted to go and show that they were thankful to Specialist Aaron Aamot and his family.

So I packed up the 3 kiddos and the "thankyou" sign we made. When we arrived on Maine street there weren't too many people yet. But then all of a sudden just a flow of people started to line the street. I really have never seen anything like it. I assumed that a lot of the people were like us, people who didn't know him personally but wanted to pay their respects. People came with signs and flags.

There was a black hawk helicopter that flew above the motorcade. As soon as it was visible to the crowd it got very quiet. The teenagers stopped their loud laughter, parents stopped talking, the children were hash. It was a very somber moment. As the motorcade past by you could tell the family and friends were touch by the outpouring of support. Some took pictures of the crowd from their cars, some nodded to us as they drove by, and others were visibly crying.

I was very thankful we took time to go out and be part of it.

When we got home I had an email from a homeschool group message board. Aaron was a former homeschooler. It just made it seem more personal as I know what a sacrifice it is for a family to homeschool our children. And just how very close you are to your children, spending hours doing projects, reading, going on field trips and my heart just broke for his parents, his siblings and his entire family.

Take a moment just to read about Aaron by clicking on these links and be thankful for his sacrifice and hug your kids extra tight today.

Isaiah and Elijah with their sign and American flags, waiting (very patiently I might add) for the motorcade.
A crowd on the overpass.

This was the view when I looked to the right, the view was the same when I looked to the left.

The black hawk helicopter as it approached Main st.

The start of the motorcade.


Lara said...

This really touched me. A selfless lesson to teach, you are such a good mama!

Christi said...

I too was overwhelmed at the show of support by the patriotic people of Whatcom County. What a great lesson to teach your children.