Sunday, November 15, 2009

From the desk of Isaiah and Elijah

Another week of school has come and gone. It's amazing to me how fast the weeks go by. This past week we continued our study of space exploration. We learned about NASA and why it was formed, it's first mission and what missions it does today. We studied about space rockets and the space shuttle.

In History we read about Esteban a slave who lead the Spaniards north of Mexico into present day New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. We are also reading "The Thanksgiving Story" For fun we watched the Peanuts "Mayflower" and of course "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"

We made a single and double rocket out of a straw, string and a balloon. We watched it sail across the room when the air was released. With the double rocket the first balloon let out air and then the second.

Every Friday we are blessed to be part of a homeschool gym class. There are over 20 kids from all age groups. Last week they played kickball and this week it was jump roping. My boys were actually very good at the group jump rope. In this picture they are playing the "name game" trying to help the kids to remember each others names.

Three kids to love...

Here is a video of the single rocket launch.

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