Monday, November 30, 2009

Day Book Novemeber 30 :Clean to Decorate

For Today...Clean to decorate

Outside my window...clouds what else?

I am thinking... I need two cups of coffee this morning

I am thankful for...our awesome church which can be define by the word LOVE.

I am wearing...nursing jammies from Motherhood, they are my favorite

I am remembering...that last year at this time how much I wanted to be pregnant

I am where, I am all done being in the van

I am currently reading...Sarah Palin's book "Going Rougue" it's very good especially when she talks about her children and her last child Trig

I am get some serious house work done so I can pull out the decorations

On my in Maine

From the learning rooms...we are starting a new science book and a Christmas study called "Celebrate the Savior"

Noticing that...time is going by way too fast. My baby is 2 months and growing fast.

Pondering these words "Before there can be Penecost there has to be the Resurrection and before the Resuurection there has to be DEATH"

from the kitchen...the butter pumpkin cake has left the building. I had to send it with Peter to work because it's not condusive to loosing this pregnancy weight. Some love chocolate, I love pumpkin

around the house...the tree is up and it's beautiful.

one of my favorite things...early morning phone calls with Amy!!

From my photo journal: Thankgiving dinner at the Goodrich's. Notice the empty chair..that would be mine, but Hannah Bear wanted her Thanksgiving dinner first.

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