Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh Fake Christmas Tree Oh Fake Christmas Tree...

This year we had to get a fake tree since we are renting and we are not allowed to have a real one. I was sad because I love real trees. Coming from the Pine Tree State to the Evergreen State a real tree just seems the only "right" way to go. But we complied with our rental agreement and there is no real tree here. The first fake tree I ordered online. When it came it looked like a pole with pipe cleaners. It was very disappointing. So I returned it. Craigslist to the rescue. We bought this "realistic" tree from Craigslist and I am pretty happy with it. All I need now is some pine scented spray and maybe I'll fool myself into thinking it is real.

The boys and I have so much fun taking out the ornaments from years past. They love asking "when was this one" and "why do we have this one" It's so great to remember the Christmas' of the past.
Every year Peter puts the star on top. Although the star doesn't look right on this tree...I may need to brake down and buy a bigger one.

And there it is...our 2009 Christmas tree.


kelizzle said...

pretty we have a fake one this year too.

sarasusen said...

It looks great! Can't even tell it's plastic- and NO pine needles to vacuum up- yeah!! I'm missing you this holiday season my friend!:-(