Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Bed for the Boys

The boys have had a bunk bed for awhile. It was one that had the twin bunk on the top and a full sized on the bottom. Ever since we got it from Uncle Henry's only the bottom has been used. They both said they were too scared to sleep on the top. So they both slept in the full size bed. Their room here in Washington is not very big and they always seemed to be bumping into the bunk bed. So we decided since it wasn't really being used as a bunk bed, to replace it. We got $20 for it on craigslist (it cost more money to bring it to the dump) We replaced it with an awesome trundle bed. They are still close to eachother and then we slide the lower bed away during the day and they have so much more room in their room. I am thankful that the boys are as close as they are and they enjoy sharing a room (for now). They love their new bed.

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