Thursday, December 10, 2009

From the Dest Of Isaiah and Elijah

The boys have been learning a lot this week as we started our new book in the "God's Design" series. This week they learned about the Ice Age, icebergs, glaciers and the parts of the earth. There are two great things about science this year. First it's centered on God's view of creation...He is the Creator so it's been a blessing to look at science in a biblical view. I have learned so much how God's word and science go hand and hand. The second great thing is how much the boys love it. "Oh Yes it's science time" "Is it time for science" "what are we going to learn in science today" are common phrases this year. It's awesome.

Trying to drive a boat aka cap through icebergs.
The ingredients to a earth model. Hard round candies for the core, marshmallows for the mantel and melted chocolate for the crust.

Push the hard candy into the marshmallow.

Cover in chocolate, set out on waxed paper until chocolate is hard...EAT!

The glacier moving over the terrain.

The glacier altered the terrain by dragging parts of the earth with it.

The boys with the glacier.

Cute kids in front of the tree.

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It'sSteph said...

We're science fans here too! Glacier experiment looks like fun! And love those chubs on Hannah!