Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Visitors from Maine, almost as good as being back.

It's been a busy last week. I had two great friends come out to visit me. Felecia and Angela. Felecia has had her plane ticket for 6 months, pretty much right after we found out we were moving. Ang drove out to Colorado with a friend and thought "hey I'll hope a plane to Washington to see Bethany" I am blessed to have friends who would travel across the country to see little ol me. I am very thankful to have such friends in my life and realized just how rare it is to have such lifelong friends.

Hannah and Angela.

She finally got to hold Hannah Bear.

Felecia at Birch Bay. We had checked the 10 day forecast...all rain but as it turned out, we only had one day of rain. Hmmm do you think we know the Maker of the rain?

The famous gelato. YUM! That's the pumpkin he's scooping. SO amazing.

Ahhh Coach outlet store. Our dream store. I got Hannah a little bad and Felecia got a new wallet. The big pink Coach bag still alludes me. (Peter if you are reading this, it would be cheaper than a kitchen aid mixer that I want too)

Hannah Bear and Mommy, she's already a great shopper.

Felecia was here for her birthday. So we had cake, baloons and pressents. I got her the cute apron because she loves to cook and she's very good at it I might add.

We love us some Mexican food. We told them it was her birthday so she got to where the birthday sombrero and they sang to her. Awesome food by the way at Mi Mexico in Bellingham.

Fried Ice Cream...yeah I'll have to run 5 miles to work that baby off.


It'sSteph said...

Love the apron. Reminds me that I want to ask for a new one for Christmas. I'm still using the Pampered Chef one I got when I was a consultant.

sarasusen said...

Can I confess that I got a little teary-eyed when reading this post? I would love to be able to come and visit you and am so envious that they got to come. But SO HAPPY for you guys and the time you got to spend together. You all look so wonderful and thanks for updating the blog. I enjoy more now than I ever did. It helps me to feel connected!!