Saturday, October 31, 2009

From the desks of Isaiah and Elijah

We wrapped up our unit on the planets this week. Our next destination, space exploration and NASA. Does anyone know any astronauts?
We learned this week that Uranus rotates differently than all the other planets. It rotates on its side. So if you put an imaginary pole though all the other planets on their axis the pole would be up and down, but for Uranus it would be side to side. To demonstrate this we took a ping pong ball and colored half blue. Then the kids took turns rolling it on it's "axis" to see how Uranus rotates differently than all the other planets. (wow look at my table, every time I see it in a picture I think that's awful but it's well loved and used everyday for the past 5 years)
We also studied about Neptune the "blue planet"It's atmosphere is made up of hydrogen, helium and methane. It absorbs the red light from the methane but reflects the blue light from the sun back into space. We did our own reflecting of light by taking three glasses of water and food coloring. One clear glass, one red glass and one blue. Then with a flashlight reflected the color onto a piece of paper.

Continuing our fall unit (still not done by the way) We learned about Johnny Appleseed. If you have never read the legend you should but I think more importantly the truth behind the legend. His name was John Chapman. And what we found to be the best part of his life was that he was a man of God who not only shared fruit of God's world but also the fruit of God's word. We read the book below which was a poem about Johnny Appleseed and in the back had the real story of John Chapman. I highly recommend this little gem of a book. And of course we had to make something with apples so we made apple cookies. I love these, I got the recipe from Isaiah's Saxon Math book last year and they taste like mini apple pies to me.
We brought the apple cookies to a "Bionicle Party". The homeschoolers that meet at "Park Day" started a Bionicle club, which my boys had to join. And this week they put together a party to watch the new Bionicle movie. They raised money over the summer at park day by selling drinks. With the money they rented the movie and provided snacks. The boys had a blast. The moms had tea/coffee and pecan tarts in the kitchen and gabbed away. It was nice to get out of the house and talk to some other homeschool moms.

And of course your weekly Hannah cuteness. Here she is (5 weeks) in her bassinet which I am sad to say she won't be in much longer. I am very proud of her chubby little legs. She is a great nurser and growing stronger and healthier every day.

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