Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week with Our Family

My family flew in from Maine on the 30th for ten days and I can't believe they have already left. It went by so fast. I really didn't think they would make the trip all the way out here to see us but they did. We had such a great time. It was also very bitter sweet because the whole time even though I was trying to enjoy each day with them I knew they'd be leaving and again the overwhelming feeling of loneliness would be back. And I am very sad to see them go. It almost makes the move to Washington harder, because the reality hits home again. But I am thankful that they had the chance to come and visit and meet Hannah. And next year we will fly back to Maine to see them. Here are some pics from the visit.

Here are the cousins all snug in bed ready to watch a movie.
Elijah, Miguel, Taylor and Isaiah.

We had 2 September birthdays so we decided to celebrate all 4 of the kids birthdays since we were together. They loved it. Presents and cake...perfect kid combo.

Searching for sea creatures in Birch Bay right in the village where we live.

We were pretty blessed with the beautiful fall weather. The leaves were amazing and all the colors of fall were a real treat.

Miguel thought he would get on top of the big pumpkin...but it proved to be more of a challenge.

Acting silly on the tractor. Taylor, my dad, Mary, Miguel, Isaiah and Elijah

We had amazing views of Mt Baker all week.

Checking out the animals.

Mary and Miguel.

Making brownies with Auntie Mary.

Forever Cousins, Forever Friends
Elijah (5) Taylor (6) Isaiah (9)

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sandra said...

This is a sweeeeet pic of the cousins together! They certainly look related!