Saturday, October 24, 2009

Falling in love with Fall

Fall in Washington is beautiful. Although there are not as many colorful trees as in Maine, it is still pretty amazing. Fall is our favorite time of year for many reasons. The colors, baking apple and pumpkin creations, the crisp air, the new start of a school year and many memories. Peter and I were married in the fall, we welcomed our first born in the fall, and little Hannah was born on the first day of fall this year. All wonderful things to remember.

This week we started a unit on fall from I had big plans of finishing it this week but it didn't happen. But we've enjoyed it so much I am glad it will spill over into next week. Here a few high ligths.

Elijah is q-tip painting fall leaves onto his tree. The kids enjoyed learning what makes the seasons and why leaves change color and fall. They were also fascinated that fall is called Autumn as well.

We took a nature walk to collect leaves for two projects. The first one was leaf rubbings. They really enjoyed this and we did many rubbings.

The second project we got from the book "Look what I did with a Leaf" In this book it shows you how to arrange different leaves to make different images of animals. In the back of the book it describes different types of leaves. We took this one out of the library but I think it might make our purchase list.

Isaiah's "Cat"

Elijah's "mouse"

Also this week Hannah went on her first photo shoot. She is now 4 weeks! Our friend Helen took the pictures at her in home studio. She is very talented and we are blessed to find someone who takes beautiful pictures. It was so much fun! Here's one picture from the shoot. I'll post more when I get the CD of the entire shoot. I LOVE having a little girl to play dress up with!

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