Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to school...again

This week is our first week trying to find a new "normal". Company has left, Peter is back to work and I am home with three kiddos. I had planned many weeks of school before Hannah arrived and we had done 6 weeks of school before she arrived. So it was time to jump back in.

In science we learned about Mercury. We learned that it's atmosphere is not at all like Earths. Because Mercury was not designed to support life neither is it's atmosphere.It basically has very little of an atmosphere. It can reach temperatures of when one side is closest to the sun and the side on the other side temperatures can dip to.

To drive the point home that God made earth for people and has taken care of every detail to support life. We used a hair dryer to show heat. We blew hot air on our arms. Then we wrapped our arms in a towel that would act as our atmosphere. We then used the hair dryer again. The towel protected us from the heat. We did the same thing using an ice cube to simulate cold.

With an atmosphere.

Without an atmosphere

We also learned about Venus and it's atmosphere, which is the opposite of Mercury's. Venus has a very think atmosphere that traps in heat from the sun causing a "greenhouse" effect making Venus very warm.

We created our own greenhouse out of a shoebox, tinfoil and plastic wrap. We recorded the temperature of shoe box as it sat in the window. First we measured it without plastic wrap and then we measured the temperature with plastic wrap. As we predicted the temperature went up.

Without plastic wrap

with plastic wrap creating a "greenhouse" effect

Here is Hannah's picture of the week. She is very proud of her adorable "I'm the little sister" t-shirt.

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