Monday, October 26, 2009

More Fall Apple Picking

Apples, Apples many apples so many recipes, so much fun. Saturday was beautiful so we packed up the three kiddos and headed out to pick some more apples. We didn't realize at this particular place apple picking was past it's prime, but we managed to find a tree with a few left to pick. We also got a pumpkin, and a big jug of amazing apple cider. YUM! We bought a big box of apples, not I need to figure out what to make with all these apples.

Peter pulling the boys...I had Hannah is a baby carrier...perfect.
They both look very unsure of picking apples don't they?


Peter could reach the good ones

Isaiah taking a picture of mom and dad and Hannah

Weighing the pumpkin...14lbs.

This is the pumpkin we picked....pretty.

Best Buddies

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kelizzle said...

Those apples in WA look really red and good.