Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cider Party

What a blessing to have an alternative to "Halloween" this year. We have never done the whole Halloween thing and usually we either hand out candy and gospel tracks or just turn the lights off. My kids haven't really missed a thing, one because they dress up anytime they want and two because candy isn't that hard to come by. We have chosen not to celebrate Halloween because of it's demonic beginnings. Our church held a "cider party". There was a cute skit, tons of games, jumpy house, tons of food, candy galore and of course homemade apple cider .

The skit about the Harvest the Lord has called us too.
Listening to the message.

These cuties are 2 weeks apart. Hannah looks so big next to baby Trigger.

Watching the cider press.

The squeezed apples. We all got to bring home a gallon of cider...YUM

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