Friday, November 6, 2009

From the Desk of Isaiah and Elijah

We took off Monday and Tuesday from school so I could spend some time with Felicia while she was here. But we were ready to get back to school on Wednesday.

Isaiah took his fourth Math test and did very well. He finished reading "Squanto Friend to the Pilgrims" and learned about Francisco Pizarro in Peru and the conquering of the Incas. Isaiah is also learning personal time management since Hannah has been born. There are a lot of things Isaiah is capable of doing without assistance from me. So each day he takes out his daily assignment sheet and he completes each assignment on his own by 3:00. It's been great for him to manage his time and also gives him personal work ethic.

Elijah finished his first unit from Explode the Code 1 and also it's companion from He also finished reading the first part of his "I can read book" from Sonlight. So Elijah is proud to say "I am reading" and he is. He is doing amazing. In Math Elijah compared things that were "longer than" and "shorter than" a pencil. He also learned about the "Industrial Revolution"

Here is Elijah with his two piles of things that are "shorter than" or "longer than" a pencil

In Science the boys started their study on space exploration. At the end of next week we will be creating a solar system model (wow it took me awhile to find one, trusty Wal-Mart had the kit)

They also went to their first homeschool group gym class. They had a lot of fun learning and playing the classic game of kick ball.

We also read "The Popcorn Book" by Tomie dePaola. I really enjoy his books. This book of course is all about popcorn. We just bought a popcorn maker and wow is it fun. We highly recommend this book too. It's fun and packed with some useful information. For example you should store you unpopped popcorn in the refrigerator to keep it moist which makes for a better popping experience.

Hannah is starting to smile and she is staying awake for longer periods of time. She has her fussy time from about 5-6:30 every night. =) She does great at night only waking to nurse and then she's right back to sleep. One thing I noticed this week that I awake just before she does. It's sort of like we are in sync with each other, I anticipate her waking to be fed. She's growing so fast and I want to slow it down.

The boys have also been into creating things. Elijah loves play dough, come to think of it ever since the first time I let him play with it, he has loved it. And Isaiah has been into Legos. Here are a few of their creations.

Elijah's "spiderman"

Isaiah's robot.

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It'sSteph said...

I do the same... wake up before Kathryn does. Now that she is sleeping longer, I'm still waking up and she's not! So I'm half awake, expecting her to wake!