Thursday, November 19, 2009

The First Thanksgiving

We are very blessed to have connected with a great group of homeschoolers. Today the kids attended a "First Thanksgiving" party. It was totally up my ally. I wish I thought of it, but with a new little one I was thankful just to be able to attend these kinds of things with the kids. We were asked to bring something that they might have served at the first thanksgiving. We brought popcorn and cornbread...but we should have brought lobster (did you know lobsters were served at the first thanksgiving?)

We had to climb a ladder to the hay loft to get to actual times with a 2 month old,but with some help we made it. And so glad we did. Everything was set up so cute. The kids could play on the huge pile of hay and jump on the trampoline (gasp). The food was great and the company was even better. Hannah Bear took a nap in her Baby Bjorn. Check out the pictures. They are dark (it was cloudy and pouring rain outside.

Cute turkey made from watermelon, peppers a pear,cheese and grapes.

The "table" adorable.

Jump and climb

Watching the story of the Mayflower on a laptop.

The boys waiting for their turn to say what they are thankful for Isaiah said "I am thankful for my parents,my brother and my sister" Elijah said "I am thankful for the food and my sister"

Hearing the story of Squanto.

Push the pumpkin with the broom. So fun!

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