Friday, February 12, 2010

Homeschool Fine Arts Showcase

So if doing the Winter Olympics and a Valentine's day party wasn't enough our homeschoolers did one more thing today. They participated in a "Fine Arts Showcase". Basically the kids were encouraged to share something with the group pertaining to the arts. Some kids played the violin, some played the piano, one child read an original story, and many like Isaiah and Elijah showed an art piece. It was really amazing first to see all the creativity but second to watch the other kids be so attentive and so gracious as each kid presented their work.

Elijah telling how he made his "Heart Love" painting made with oil pastels and water color paints. He did so good explaining each step

Isaiah decided to show a piece he did last year because it's "his favorite" His piece is entitled "Splatter Fun" inspired by Pollock's painting "Lavender Mist"

The group listening to a story.

Ok I couldn't resist these cuties...they just wanted to dress up and they were adorable. I thought "a picture of things to come with Hannah Bear"

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