Monday, February 15, 2010

Day Book Feb. 15th Hush Little Baby

For Today....Time to implement a new sleeping plan for Hannah

Outside my window....slowly getting light out

I am thinking...of what Olympic events are on today

I am thankful for...amazing friends and family who have come and are coming to Washington to visit.

I am wearing...yellow pj's (I swear I wear these every other night)

I am going...busy week, ice skating, gym class and Elijah's 6th birthday are all this week.

I am reading...Practical theology for Women (just about done) My friend's husband is an airline pilot and just gave me a book "Ask a pilot" to help me with my fear of flying. And TWO baby sleep books, sigh Hannah is doing great with napping but night time still not great.

I am use duct tape on my mouth (I love you Peter)

On my parents who are fostering a little infant baby with many strikes against her. They have such loving and warm hearts.

From the learning many fun things. An amazing unit study on the 2010 winter Olympics being held just across the border here. The boys are so into it and they both want to learn to snowboard and since we hit 100 days we're taking them out to Mt Baker to try it out. FUN!

Remembering that..."JOY" comes in the morning.

Around the house...12 red roses from my husband, they are so pretty and since we don't have cats I can keep them out to enjoy

One of my favorite things...putting tights on Hannah

From my photo Journal...mother and daughter

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