Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankgiving 2010

We had a very blessed Thanksgiving. This was a hard Thanksgiving for me being the first without my Gram. I kept thinking "she's going to call any second now". It was very hard being away from my family again this year. I just really wanted to be with them. But we are here in Washington with many blessings that it would be completely unfair not give thanks and glory to God for.

Our friends from "Maine" now living in Oregon came up to celebrate Thanksgiving with us, along with our very first friends we made here in Washington. Grand total six adults, ten kids. It was awesome. Food, Friends, Fellowship, Fun and.....SNOW!

Yeah that's right SNOW! It was such a "Maine" thanksgiving. I loved it. It snowed almost all day and it was beautiful. The kids played almost all day outside and it was amazing to cook all day with such a beautiful view to look at. I played some Christmas songs and for a second it was as though we fast forwarded to December 25.

Take a peek at our day.

Here's the adult table. Check out the snow.
More of the adult table.

Cute napkin and name cards.

And not to be left out the kid table. I put butcher paper and traced round "plates" which they colored. Each child added a leaf to the tree centerpiece with something they are thankful for.

Bob peeling the potatoes and watching football.

Hannah loves her friend but still had to have Mommy all day.
Annee and I...Lewiston girls. I love my lobster apron that my sweet friend Carolyn gave me awhile back. (another touch of Maine)

Isaiah out for his second or third trip outside to enjoy the snow.
Zip that coat Elijah...nah I can handle.

All the kids (minus Hannah)

Our friends son, Ben, made this out of legos. He got up at 6am to finish it. It was amazing!
Isaiah's finish plate.

And this is the photo of the day. Bob preparing to feast. What you don't see in this photo was the first plate that Bob ate. It was just as full. He went for seconds and we were all impressed by the size of his second helping. This was then followed by pie and ice cream. Amazing!

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