Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Wish List for Mama

I love gifts. I love getting them, but I enjoy giving them more. I love when the kids give me a list of things they want for Christmas and being able to get them what they want. Their faces on Christmas morning are awesome. I love finding a little trinket for a friend when I am out and about and although it's not her birthday or Christmas surprising her with it anyway. I love knowing people well enough to know what will bring a big smile to their face.

Ok so did you read I love getting gifts? Yes I do. (I love winning prizes too) So as a throw back to my "Christmas wish list" days for myself. Here's what's on my list this year. (ps Peter gets my blog updates via email...hint hint)

First is a personalized necklace from They make beautiful hand stamped custom jewelry.

Next is a New LL Bean tote, Medium or Large with long handles. I left mine somewhere and I am lost at the library without one.

Ok so the next few are ornaments. I have two small trees, that this year I decided to decorate one Maine themed and the other Washington. I actually have a good start. On the Maine tree I have a moose, two black bears, and a booey. On the Washington one, an evergreen tree, and apple and some cute little dutch kitchen bake ware. So these next few ornament ideas would go on one of those trees. This one is the Space Needle. We love it there.

The town I live in is Lynden. It is very Dutch! So here is a little Dutch Windmill (there are many around town)

A throw back to college for Peter and I...a Maine Blackbear Ornament.

Of course a Boston Red Sox ornament. Isn't this hat so cute?

Living in the Pacific Northwest the Salmon rivals what a Lobster is in Maine.

Cute little Lighthouses to remind me of the Maine coast.

I have to have this LL Bean Boot ornament. It's so adorable.

Enough ornaments, let's get on with the stuff for ME (HA) I love these rain boots. I need a fun pair, size 7 please.

I can't wait to read this new Book By Cheryl Broderson. I love listening to her teachings online and this book looks fabulous.

Not to be a trader of LL Bean but Lands End Has this cute sweater. It's on sale right now! I like it the oatmeal brown color, but I am not picky =)(size small )

I know they are just plain silly but I love pj's and these Moose ones will just make me smile especially on a crabby Monday morning. I mean come on look at them they are a hoot.
So what's on YOUR list this year? I know you have one!

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It'sSteph said...

Love it all! I thought of doing a similar blog post!