Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Isaiah

It seems like yesterday that Isaiah was Hannah's size, wow 9 years has gone by so fast.

Hard to believe that he's 9 years ago. Peter lovingly reminded me this morning he's 1/2 way to being 18. I didn't want to hear that! I tried to upload a baby picture of Isaiah but I kept getting an error message. But boy was he one cute looking baby and now super handsome young man. Today was also Hannah's due date. When I told him he might have to share his birthday with his sister he said "well that's ok" And he really would have been happy to share this day with her. But it's still just his day! Isaiah was born one day before Peter and I's one year anniversary. He was the perfect gift then and he is the perfect gift today. Every year when we celebrate Isaiah's birthday Peter and I always reflect on that first year of marriage and how fast everything went.We got the ultimate expression of our love for each other and a reminder of how blessed we are on that day.
We love you Isaiah!!

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