Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another day at school...

Slowly I roll out of bed every morning...and I do mean I literally roll. Some days I am so tired I just want to stay in bed, but I've got two little men ready to learn. This is from yesterday's school. The Lord manages to give me just enough strength to still do the fun stuff with them.

Elijah at the "store". He had to use his pennies to buy food items that had the prices on them. He liked this allot and wanted to play many rounds.
In science we learned about meteors. To demonstrate the impact a meteor has on the earth we created a town made of flour. The we dropped different size meteors on the city.

Salt to represent the many that hit our earth and we don't even realize it because they are so small.

A marble for a slightly larger one. It caused a little damage.

Then the gold ball that hit a building and made a crater.

The kids learned that God created our atmosphere to burn up most of the large meteors that would cause us harm. He also placed larger planets that have more of a gravitational pull than earth. These planets receive more meteors than our planet. We also learned that if our planet was indeed millions of years old we would see more evidence of meteor impact on the earth. Especially being that many scientist say this is one theory of what happened to the dinosaurs. However there is much more fossil evidence to support that a flood wiped out most of them. Pretty neat!!

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kelizzle said...

Don't be offended but I am going to copy some of your ideas. We have a money unit coming up so the store is a great idea. We also have a whole unit on the solar system. You have such great ideas.