Monday, August 31, 2009

From the Desk of Isaiah and Elijah

Where is the time going? We started our 3rd week of school today. My goal was to get in at least 5 weeks before the baby arrives, so I think we're doing pretty good. Today the kids learned about comets in science. They made a model of their own comet. The comet had to show the 2 parts of a comet. 1. the nucleus which includes the coma and 2. the tail. This involved sparkles and yes they made a pretty good sized mess. But well worth it.

Here they are putting a circle of glue around the nucleus to form the coma.
All done. They both choose to have two tails but we learned comets can have 1 to many many many tails.

Isaiah is doing American History this year. I have waited patiently for this time to come after 2 plus years of World History. American History is my favorite and I feel much more comfortable teaching it. So we've been learning about Native Americans and just finished a chapter on Christopher Columbus. Isaiah made this neat interactive map of his journey. The boats move along the where Columbus took his journey. I taught Isaiah the little rhyme that I remember from school...In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.


sarasusen said...

Hey- I know that map- we did the same one last year in our AM. History! I love that book of maps- they have some really fun ones!! Although I have to admit, weird seeing the boys doing school in another house! :-( Keep up the good work Mommy!!

Aleyne said...

Where is the map from? Is that a History Pocket Item? We are about to begin Pedro's Journal today.