Saturday, August 29, 2009

Isaiah's "early" 9th Birthday Party

Since our new addition is due to arrive September 30th, and that being Isaiah's birthday I decided to stay one step ahead of our little new one by throwing Isaiah's birthday party early this year. Isaiah has always wanted a beach party but with fall in full swing on his birthday we've never done it. We thought this year would be the perfect excuse to do it. So with "beach" in mind we celebrated with friends today.

First the weather was amazing. God truly blessed us with warm weather and blue sky. Oh and a special gift for Isaiah ... no bees. Now those of you who have ever been to a Pellerin kids birthday party, you know that it involves lots of fun details, and lots of kids. Since we are just getting to know people Isaiah's guest list was much smaller this year, but the fun details were still there. I must admit this week I have been sad and homesick just thinking about all of our friends and family in Maine that always make the parties so special. But I learned a valuable lesson from Isaiah fearing he would be disappointed. We were talking about his party and I wanted to lower his expectations a bit. And he said "Mom it will be so fun and it's ok, I am happy just to have a party" Yep I remembered "be content with such things as you have" Hebrews 13:5

So we gathered right where we live in Birch Bay, with 6 of his friends and of course the 7th friend being his brother Elijah. (who by the way helped shop for all Isaiah's party things and gifts)
Here are some pics from the day.

Beach themed cupcakes, complete with sand aka brown sugar and sea creatures.

Water balloon toss.

Toss the water balloon into the bucket.

Crab race of course.

Craft Time
For the craft we made sand art. I ordered great shell shaped bottles and the kids knew what to do next. They layered different colored sand for a beautiful creations

The Gang

Scavenger Hunt of the Beach
Each kid got a list of things to look for from a crab to seaweed. They took their buckets and went hunting. The tide was in so we didn't find any starfish but all in all they did really good finding everything.
Isaiah and Emma on the hunt.

Elijah making sure he is finding everything on his list.

Isaiah showing off his crab.

Elijah showing off his shell.

Ok so we'll let you in on a secret. We didn't light the candles for two reasons. First we didn't have matches or a lighter and second it was a bit windy. So Isaiah being the actor he is pretended for me to blow out the candles.
So of course gift time is always a big hit. Isaiah got lots of great things, Legos, Bacugans, DS game, MONEY, book, games, and a scooter.

I love this picture of Isaiah because he has a real smile. Not a goofy one he so often makes in picture.

I can't believe my oldest will officially be 9 in a month. He seems like just yesterday I was looking exactly the same way I am today expecting his arrival. The time has gone by so fast it's almost too much for me to think about. As we wait the next few weeks for our new arrival I can't help but be reminded that even in this time of pregnancy the time has gone by so fast and that we should enjoy (even being uncomfortable) the remainder of this time. And to savor the miracle of carrying another life inside.
When I think back of when we found out we were pregnant with Isaiah I remember how scared I was. How off the timing seemed to me. Peter and I were only married 3 months. But now I see I couldn't have been more wrong. Isaiah came just at the time the Lord had purposed him to come. Not a day early not a day late. Our lives from that day on have never been the same. Isaiah has brought so much joy into our lives. Watching him grow has been such an honor. He is so smart. He is such a great friend, and never meets a stranger. He is a great big brother. He is sensitive and feels conviction strongly. He loves to play games on the computer, ride his bike, build legos with Elijah and go golfing with Dad. This year has brought about many changes in Isaiah. I think partly because of the move, the new baby and that he's just growing up, but I know all these changes are working together for good. I am so thankful to have him in my life. I know he will be a source of comfort and help after I have the baby. What a blessing to have a little man of the house with me. He know he embraces that role. I can't wait to see what the Lord does in him in the upcoming year.


kelizzle said...

Tissues, need tissues! I do love the pic of Isaiah's real smile.

It'sSteph said...

There's nothing like a birthday to remind us how precious our children are! And how special that you are right where you were with Isaiah 9 years ago with this pregnancy! Enjoy the last weeks... they get bigger every day.