Saturday, August 22, 2009

School Week One in review

We started back to school this week. The kids actually were very excited to start and eager to show me what hard workers they are. We had a great week and although I was tired the Lord was so good and blessed me with cooperative kids and just enough strength to enjoy what He's called me to do. Here are a few highlights from the week.

Elijah is practicing his counting. He had to count the pennies in each cup and then match the number card with that amount of pennies.
Gravity experiment. If you drop a ping pong ball and a golf ball at the same height at the same time which ball will hit the ground first? If you said the golf ball you may need to go back to school LOL. The gravitational pull on each ball is the same so therefore they both hit at the same time. Notice the balls in Isaiah's picture bellow.

We are using a great Bible curriculum this year. Part of the curriculum is keeping a notebook of the things they are learning. Here they are drawing what they thing the tree of knowledge of good and evil look like. Notice my poor table...all worn with love.

Back to school party with some friends. Here the kids are looking to see what item is missing from the "school box" once they figured it out they had to put their fingers on their noses.

A nature hunt. My kids love these.

Elijah found "something square"

And of course what party wouldn't be complete without cake. The cupcakes had "ABC" on them or "1+1="
We had such a great time of fellowship and getting to know new friends better. Sometimes it is hard to start over making new friends after you have had friends back home in your lives for years. But we are learning to open our lives and hearts and to be thankful that we have brothers and sisters in the Lord here who are willing to extend the same to us.

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It'sSteph said...

Funny, the nature hunt looks like it is happening in your "old" backyard! So glad your week went well and that there are so many other homeschoolers around! What a blessing.