Friday, January 29, 2010

From the Desk of Isaiah and Elijah

Another week of school under our belts...our 100th day is coming in 2 weeks. I always feel like we've accomplished so much when we get to 100 days. I need to start thinking of something fun to celebrate. Anyway this week in science we have been learning about the Continental drift and plate movements.

Here the kids cut out the 7 continents and then tried to piece them together like a puzzle...not bad!

Graham crackers and peanut butter equals edible science. Here the peanut butter represented magma under the surface of the earth and the graham crackers were the plates the shift. We observed the three ways they can shift and what that does to the magma...the best part of course was eating the results.
In History we are learning about Benjamin Franklin. He used to carry around a little notebook with rules he wanted to live by. He focused on one rule a day and tried to master each rule. So the boys were asked to write 5 rules they think they should live by. Here is what they wrote:
1.Do not play video games too much
2. Pray to God everyday
3. Be nice to others
4. Do not rot your brain
5. Do not fight with your brother he is your friend for life (don't fight with others)
1. Do not play the Wii too much
2. Do not fool around ( think he meant in the house lol)
3. Do not fall off your chair when you are doing school
4.Do not fight with your brother
5.Do not go to sleep mad or guilty

Hannah in her new toy!

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