Monday, January 18, 2010

Daybook January 18,2010

FOR TODAY... Hannah turns 4 months this week!

Outside my window... windy, thought we might blow away, or at least the trash can outside.

I am thinking... it's nice to take an unexpected, unplanned day off from school.
I am thankful for... that my children are healthy.

I am wearing...jeans, pink shirt, and drum roll please, a belt...I needed a belt today. Long way to go before I fit into those tiny jeans in my closet but hey I'm trying
I am remembering... how fortunate we are to live in this country.

I am going...Taking the kids ice skating on Wednesday, gym class on Friday and my lucky lucky husband gets to go to a men's conference to hear the likes of Jon Courson, Brian Broderson and Greg Laurie...west coast perks!

I am currently reading... through the New Testament, so many nuggets of truth for my soul

I am hoping... to have a few phone dates with my a couple of my Maine friends this week

On my mind... a news story I saw last night, a women in Haiti giving birth in the midst of death and destruction. Praying for her and her sweet new baby girl.
Noticing that... Hannah produces more drool than any other baby I have ever seen.

From the learning rooms...taking today off so we can visit with friends, and then back to the fun, mountains, volcanoes, the 13 colonies.
Pondering these words... "I desire mercy not sacrifice"
From the kitchen...homemade pizza dough is rising for lunch today. YUM

Around the house... not too shabby,but not that great either
One of my favorite things...that although I feel like a frumpy mom who just had a baby my husband still thinks I am beautiful

From my photo journal....New Great Friends. Isaiah, Elijah, Ethan and Tyus, they are showing off their homemade pizza, it was so good and fun to make.

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