Monday, January 11, 2010

Women's Day Book January 11,2010 Monday Monday

For Today...Monday Monday that's all I have to say about that
Outside my window....still dark...and it's going to be a cloudy rainy day
I am thinking...of my sister or maybe even sisters visit in March woot woot
I am thankful for....healthy children
I am yellow motherhood nursing jammies of course
I am where today
I am reading...I am reading the book of Mathew with Amy. Each day we read and then email something that the Lord showed us it's been so great.
I am run on the treadmill after lunch....Hannah willing
On my disgusting my pride is
From the Learning rooms....minerals in science. I need to get to Bellingham to buy Elijah a new Handwriting book. He's moving up!
Remembering's not about me.
From the kitchen...For me salmon patty from Costco...yum
Around the's a mess help.
Listening to...Hannah Bear's cooing and laughs
A few plans for this week...Isaiah has a dentist appointment and then there is gym class on Friday
One of my favorite things...Listening to the boys pray
From my photo journal...or rather today my video journal
This is Elijah playing with Hannah. He's telling her "You're in the Bible" meaning the name Hannah is in the Bible. We had a long talk about the kids names and where they came from and what they mean.


sarasusen said...

The kids LOVE when you post a video. They ask to see it at least twice. I think they miss their friends. :-) I can't believe how big Hannah is! Oh my! She is just precious!!

kelizzle said...

Guess what? So far I am 18 weeks had an ultra sound and it looks like a girl. Woo Hoo! I love the thought of Johannah having a sister.

Crystal said...

I just popped over the Simple Woman Daybooks site and it's been nice to read about your days. Your children are beautiful! Happy January to you all :))