Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Year in Review

So I am snagging this idea from Sara more or less. Just a quick recap of photos and events from our eventful 2009 year.

2009 started with a BANG, finding out we were pregnant with our 3rd child in January!
3 ladies pregnant now we have 3 new beautiful children

Happy 5th Birthday to Elijah on Feb. 21. We celebrated with a costume party.

March we welcomed Amy's son Levi. I will never forget coming to see him the hospital and they had not decided on a name. I wasn't sure about the name Levi at first when it was tossed out as a possible name, but the second I held him I thought "wow he looks like a Levi"

April we knew we would be moving to Washington. We were so thankful for friends who made the time to spend some time with us those last few weeks. Here are our good friends Emma and Ethan enjoying an early spring ice cream.

And away we went across the country at the end of May. One of the highlights of course was visiting Mt. Rushmore.

June was fun in the sun. The weather this first summer in WA was unbelievable.

July we took our first trip into Seattle.

In August we celebrated Isaiah's 9th birthday early and anticipation things would be a bit busy on his actual birthday the same day the baby was due.

September 21 we welcomed Hannah Elizabeth

Oct my family came to visit. What a blessing they were able to come and meet Hannah in the first few weeks of her life. I can't wait to fly home in Oct THIS year for Christine's wedding.

Felicia flew all the way out to see me too. Her visit happened to fall on her birthday. So we had to celebrate with pink balloons and CHOCOLATE. I have learned the meaning of friendship being out here. True friendship can not be separated by miles.

December, our first Christmas in Washington. The boys sang in their first Christmas concert. It was awesome.

Happy New Year....Bring on 2010


sarasusen said...

LOVE it!!

It'sSteph said...

It goes by so quickly. What will next year's review look like? Ah!