Monday, January 4, 2010

Daybook January 4th He Heals

For today.... Jan 4 2010 Christmas more tree, decorations, back to school

Outside my window...Rain Rain Rain, now I know what people meant when they said "It rains a lot out here" I will say I rather have the rain than snow

I am thinking...of my sister Mary who had a heart procedure today to repair and extra heart valve that she was born with and just now found out about. All went well because He heals.

I am thankful that..... I have a beautiful sister Mary -Elizabeth and a beautiful sister Christine

I am so glamours sweats...sick mom and sick baby = comfy clothes

I am going.....gym class on Friday and that's if we are feeling better

I am reading....started the One Year Bible and I am lucky to read that.

I am hoping....Hannah feels 100% better soon...mommy is tired

On my much there is not enough space in the blog sphere

I am listening to...CD from my mom that has praise song with Hannah's name in it, so beautiful

From the learning Rooms....up to my eyeballs in school. Elijah started Saxon 1 math today, can't believe he's almost 6

Remembering that....I must take it one day at a time, one hour at a time and one minuet at a time if need be AND tomorrow is my brother Jonathan's birthday "welcome to the 30's club lil bro"

From the a I am watching my eating post-baby

Around the house....fossils from science class

One of my favorite things... Hannah laughing at her brothers

From my photo journal

Hannah and Elijah "Mom can I hold Hannah" he always asks

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