Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some Party Pics

So Elijah had is big bash today. The theme..."Costume Party" It was a blast. I didn't take too many pictures because I was very busy with all the kiddos. But here are a few. Elijah said later on in the day "wow Mom that was the best party ever, you always make it fun" I'll be tucking that in my treasure box for sure.

Elijah went as Optimus Prime, and Isaiah as Bumble Bee (Transformers for those of you who don't know)
I went as a banana. It was a big hit with the kids

My boys talking with their friend the pirate
The kids coloring their masks.

The little horses!

Make a wish!
I accidentally bought those candles that keep relighting. Elijah kept blowing and blowing and they kept relighting. So I helped him out. He turned to me and said "Phew thanks mom"

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