Thursday, February 3, 2011

From the Desks of Isaiah, Elijah and Hannah

What a week! Some good times, some rough times, but in between we had some fun times. I tell you one of the rules of homeschooling I have learned to hold on to is "This too shall pass" Just when I think to myself " Can this day go any worse?"( and sometimes it does) the sun sets and a new day begins and thus "it has passed" And can I get an "Amen" that His mercies are new every morning? EVERY means every! And let me just state for the record that the cause of stress this week was NOT the kids,but ME!
But learning happened, love happened and FORGIVENESS happened.

Elijah and finally left ancient Egypt. It's been a long journey but like it had to come to an end. And how appropriate that we studied the "after life" Elijah and I really marveled at what these ancient people believed about death. Yet how some of their beliefs are still held by people today. We were both very thankful to know TRUTH.
Here's Elijah's paper mache and clay "Canopic Jar". (Minus an ear the fell of 3 times at different phases of this project and not even gorilla glue could put it back on) The Egyptians used these jars to hold deceased organs.

And here's our newest student. Seriously she is so adorable. She has to sit with her notebook and marker when the boys are doing their work. I made a "desk" from an end table and a little kids chair that I had. For now it works just fine.

PRICELESS fun and learning. Look at Elijah's face. LOVE it. We are studying energy more specifically this week potential energy. We made this 'mystery toy' from an can with a lit a hex nut and elastics. It was so neat and Hannah loved it. It rolls back to you all by itself. Check out the video bellow to see it in action.

FUN with elastics and potential energy. The boys had lots of fun just flinging them and I had to duck a few times. In these pictures they are stretching them over and over again to create heat.

Putting them on your cheeks or upper lip is the best place to feel if you got the elastic warm enough.

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It'sSteph said...

Sounds like our weeks were very similar. So thankful for those mercies that are new every morning. I need them more than anyone else in the house :) Hope you have a great birthday weekend!