Thursday, February 10, 2011

From the desks of Isaiah, Elijah, and Hannah

Last year I thought homeschooling with an infant was a little challenging. Hannah love to be held and nursed all day and did not enjoy long naps by herself. I thought homeschooling with a toddler would be so much easier. I would have to say not easier just a different set of challenges. For awhile I thought Hannah had to be out of sight and ear shot for the boys and I to get anything done. That meant waiting for nap time. But now that Hannah has switched to one nap that isn't really a good option. So what to do with a super active toddler doing school? Let her in on the fun! I have observed that she really wants to be part of whatever it is we are doing. So whenever the lesson allows Hannah joins us. If that's listening to a book, working on flashcards, or doing a science experiment. I just let her join in. I have found that we all view her less as a disturbance and more as part of the learning fun. Having my children build strong relationships with their siblings is one of the many reasons we homeschool. All my worries of how Hannah would "fit in" have been put to rest. She loves homeschooling! A lesson in potential energy. Making our own pendulum. This was actually really fun. As you can see Hannah loved it.

Yes Hannah there is potential energy in that hex nut even when you pull on it.

Ok let's get this thing moving.
Where did the energy come from in the first place?

Keep it steady.

Where does it have the MOST potential energy. Just hanging or when you lift it up in the air? Potential energy is highest where the weight is the highest. So potential energy is highest at the ends of the swings
What about two?

Elijah finished learning about the Mycenaens. They used fresco paintings in their palaces. So the boys did their own. I love how they turned out.
I didn't let her paint on plaster but did let her paint for the first time on paper.

She loved it of course.

Here's the disclaimer to these cute Hannah pictures. Right before we started out day, I went up stairs to get her clean clothes. I came down to her screaming and there was blood everywhere. She banged her lip on the corner of an end table and her little lip was swollen all afternoon. Poor kiddo.

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