Saturday, April 16, 2011

From the desks of Isaiah, Elijah and Hannah

I think I've mentioned a million times (or at least it seems like it) how much we love our online science program @ We finished our unit on sound and decided to move on to light. On Monday the creator of the website, teacher, NASA / rocket scientist, mechanical engineer extraordinaire hosted a live telecast on light and lasers. She's offered this before but this was our first time. It wasn't video just audio but it was just as awesome. She guided the kids through topics, and experiments and even answered Isaiah's question about light. He was so excited he said "I feel famous" It was just what we needed to kick off our light unit. Here are the boys looking at a dollar bill and a penny during the telecast (check out Hannah's mess in the background, just keeping it real)
Using two magnifying glasses the boys looked for the hidden owl on the dollar bill.
Testing out the laser.
Here the boys are testing to see what material can a remote control work through. Here's a plastic bag, and then they tested it through the water.
How many pennies do you see? Two? Four?

Ok this one was pretty awesome. When you mix green, blue and red paint you get a brown mess. But when you mix green, blue and red LIGHT you get white light. You need the glow sticks that are actually blue, green and red, not just the outside colored. The actual glow needs to be the color not the stick. Activate your glow sticks, add yellow, blue, and red, and swirl around.
And you get white light...pretty fun!
Not the best picture, her new Rose Petal Cottage didn't provide good light, but here's little Hannah all dressed up for some pictures she had taken. She didn't have a fun time at the actual photo shot so hopefully we got at least one good shot.

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