Saturday, April 30, 2011

Deception Pass

So Hannah has been sick for 3 weeks...she has had the most horrible cold I have ever seen any kid have. It went from a small runny nose, to all out coughing, runny nose and a rash that covered her whole little body. BUT today finally she is feeling good and we all were all itching to GET OUT of the house. The weather looked promising so we headed out early to Deception Pass. It was raining all most all the whole drive down, but with a pit stop to eat lunch and some outlet shopping the clouds parted and we had an amazing day. It was so beautiful. It reminded us a lot of home in Maine, coast, mountains.

Check out the blue it

Hannah got a new pair of "eyes" as she calls them. She loves to take my sunglasses so it was time for her own pair. She really wore them too.

See what I found?

Silly Isaiah.

She was amazed by the waves coming in.

She couldn't take her eyes off the water.

Oh my word I could just eat this kid up. He's so fun and silly.

Long arm camera shot of me and Peter.

From the time they were very little, they have loved spending time by the water....even though they are growing so fast, this is something that has remained the same.

I loved the sand path. It reminded me of Popham Beach.

A long deck.

I LOVE this picture. Even though you can't see their cute faces.

Hannah and Mommy!

Doesn't this look like Maine??

Sweet face.

She loved watching Daddy throw rocks in the ocean.

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