Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sorry No Star Wars for YOU!

We were "wicked" excited to see the Star Wars exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. We picked a Saturday that worked for us and our dear friends. It just happened the be the last weekend it was going to be there. We got there and it was sold out until midnight. SIGH so disappointed but we have never been to the Pacific Science Center so we decided to go ahead visit while were there. Outside the Center
Hannah thinks the world revolves around her...typical for a 19th month old.

3...2....1....blast off.

This was neat, the ball had images on it that changed. One time it showed all the earthquakes that were happening right then...very interesting.

Rocking the universe.

They loved this. So it looks like Elijah is floating in mid air. He has on leg on one side of the mirror and he lifted that leg up. It was so fun to see their reaction to this.

Another fun one.

A place just for toddlers. She loved the water play. She even through her puppy in the water TWICE.

The sun came out and the kids enjoyed some cotton candy and popcorn under the Space Needle.

Hannah is so West Coast....I love it.

What is this stuff? I don't know if I like it.

YUMMMM I do like it.

Me and Hannah...can you find us?

Peter and Ryan discussing the Bible. I love it!

6 amazing kids between us. They love eachother so much. What a blessing.

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