Saturday, May 21, 2011

From the Desks of Isaiah Elijah and Hannah plus Guitar Recital

Spring was amazing this week in Washington. Beautiful blue and sunny skies. Yesterday it reached into the 70's. It's really hard to stay in to do school with weather like that but we managed. We took full advantage of the weather, walking to the park, and playing outside. The end of the school year is so close I can taste it. Elijah "charging" the balloon
In the pie plate is oil and dill. When the charged balloon was placed over the plate, the dill moved wherever the balloon did.

This little device is like the game operation. Remember that one? You had to extract bones without touching the sides. The boys "nerve detector" worked in the same way. They had to move the loop all the way through the curved wire without setting of the siren. And the siren was loud!

The boys have been taking guitar lesson since September and it was time for their spring recital. The videos are really hard to hear but if you listen really good you can hear them playing.

Elijah getting ready before he went on.

Isaiah looking over his sheet music.

Nice face Hannah! Hard to keep a toddler still and quiet.

Elijah on stage with his teacher Mrs. Cole. He played three songs "London Bridge, This old Man and He's got the whole world in His Hands.

Isaiah with his teacher Mr. Cole. Isaiah played two songs. They are both Spanish songs so I can't remember the names.

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