Friday, May 13, 2011

From the Desks of Isaiah,Elijah, and Hannah

What a week! Jammed pack with learning and adventures. And that's just the way like it this time of year when we are in the homestretch for SUMMER. We started our unit in electricity. This was our first attempt at lighting an led light with a battery pack. Since I know NOTHING about this stuff, I didn't really think it through. When I bought the supplies they didn't have a 2 AA battery pack but they did have an 8 AA battery pack so I bought it. So lots of energy...itty bitty LED light bulb=

A pop, fire,smoke and a stinky smell. We blew the bulb. TOO much charge from the 8 pack. Opps! But it was fun and no one was hurt. The boys loved it.

Day two, we now have the 2 AA battery pack. The boys gathered things they wanted to see conducted electricity.

They made their own "switch" from a note card, paper clip. They really liked this.

Time to hook up the motor.

Where we live there are always events going on for us to take advantage of. This week we went to Hovander Park for the a Civil War reenactment and demonstrations. It was amazing.

There were many stations that our group rotated to. The first was taking up arms. Here is Elijah getting his "riffle"

Here is our "drill instructor"

Isaiah in line,he's in the basketball sweatshirt.

Hannah taking up arms.

In battle.

Fighting the War was too much for Hannah and she fell asleep.

Learning about the underground railroad.

Learning about how the soldiers received medical care.

This was the highlight for the boys. The set off a cannon. It was loud and smelled horrible.

Our Tuesday and Thursday night for the past month or so have been filled with baseball. Both boys played this year. Isaiah's season is done. Elijah has a few more games. Here's Hannah at the field...with her puppy of course.

Isaiah getting ready to bat.

Elijah in the outfield.

Elijah is proud of his dirty pants.

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