Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From the Desks of Isaiah, Elijah and Hannah Cells part 3

First up HANNAH! She is just changing so much. Talking, it seems like she says everything, or at least tries to. She is so FUNNY! I love that about her. I appreciate her mischievous sense of humor. I pulled out the finger paints for the first time with Hannah. I can't believe she's over 2 and this is the first time she's finger painted. I knew it would be interesting because she HATES having her hands messing. But she did good. I had to have a box of wipes right next to her so she could was her fingers off at will. But it was super cute.
"Red and Blue" she knows all her colors.
"Look Mommy Mess"
Elijah has been studying knights and castles....I DO not enjoy this time period and will be very happy to move on but I thought we could have some fun while we're here. Elijah made his shield with his own personalized coat of arms.
My plan was just the shield. But Elijah had other plans...helmet and sword. He had a blast. And I did too!

Time to watch how carrots absorb water...sort of like the celery experiment with the celery.
Two carrots, one in blue colored water the other in just plain water to compare. Let them sit overnight.
Carrot experiment 2...take two pieces of carrots, tie string super tight on each one.
One carrot will go into a glass of salt water the other will go in a plain glass of water. Very much like the potato and bean experiment we did. Let them sit over night.
The next day they took out their carrots and compared. The water carrot was much firmer than the salt carrot. And the string on the water carrot was still super tight, and the the string on the salt carrot slid right off.
To see how the water traveled up the carrot they slices in sideways in half.
3 dog drool sample (thanks Axle) And two boy drool samples, Isaiah and Elijah. Who has the cleaner mouth dog or human? We let our specimens grow for about 3 days....
The results? Axle had by far less bacteria, than Isaiah and Elijah. Now some bacteria is good, the boys concluded Axle had the cleaner mouth.

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