Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh CHRISTmas tree Oh CHRISTmas tree

Time to bring out the tree....I say this with part sigh and part joy. I love Christmas, I love all the decorating, the lights, the cookies, and the tree. But nothing beats a BIG MAINE tree. Since moving to Washington we've had this fake one...that's the sigh part. I miss having a real tree. I know they probably have some really nice Washington State trees, after all it is the Evergreen State, but we will not be having one. Peter hates real, he says they just make a big mess, and two the fake one is just fine (or so I am telling myself THIS year) Maybe next year when it will be our 4th Christmas we were succumb to a WA tree!
The best part of decorating the tree is listening to the kids go on and on about each ornament. "I was this old when I got this one" " I remember picking that one out"
The ornaments with pictures are a BIG hit. The kids love seeing how they have changed. I do not! Stop getting so BIG
Hannah loves putting the ornaments on and then taking them off, on and off, on and off.
3 kids in front of the tree....HA funny, I took 7 pics and this was the only one that was even half decent. Silly kids, but you know what? It's so REAL! We are an imperfect little family trying to fulfill the high calling of Jesus Christ.

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