Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lighted Christmas Parade 2011

I love the lighted Christmas parade! I love living in a town that has a lighted Christmas parade. This year was super fun because Hannah loved it. It was fun to see her eyes light up like each "float" that came by. We met up with some friends and then headed back to our place for hot cocoa and Christmas cookies."No hands" she said. She wore that hat but she did not want any part of the little gloves I got her.
I think the fire trucks are awesome! They are my favorite!
This picture is kind of ....horrible. But oh well Elijah is in the blue jacket and Isaiah is in the black with the red hat.
Next to a lit up fire truck, I think a tractor wrapped in lights is a close second.
She's so cute! Hannah with her favorites, mommy and puppy (ok daddy is favorite too but he's not in the picture)
She finally sat down in this little chair and watched the parade with her BFF
Cookie Time
Should I add more sprinkles? The answer is always YES
I love this little guy.
House full of kids consuming sugar...what could be better?
Look at these girls....So adorable
Elijah is a pro

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